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Cosori Turbo Blaze review: elite air fryer

In this review we talk about the Cosori Turbo Blaze air fryer, which convinces not only with its design but also with its functionality

The Cosori Turbo Blaze air fryer from 6 liters presents itself as an intriguing addition to modern cuisine, promising to bring the taste and crunchiness of fried foods without the clutter and the quantity of oil traditional fryers. With its generous capacity and advanced functions, the Turbo Blaze aims to meet the needs of large families or those who love to cook in large quantities. But besides the capacity, what really makes this air fryer special? Let’s find out in ours in-depth review.

Cosori Turbo Blaze review: elite air fryer

Packaging and unboxing | Cosori Turbo Blaze review

As soon as we opened the box Cosori Turbo Blaze, we were greeted by an explosion of color and information. The packaging is well cared for and full of details, conveying a sense of quality and attention to the customer. Once opened, we found inside only the air fryer, carefully packaged for avoid damage during transportation. Next to the Turbo Blaze, we found a detailed owner’s manual, complete with instructions in Italian too, which made initial setup a breeze. Plus, the included recipe book offers a wide selection of dishes to try and experiment with. Finally, the warranty sheet added a touch of security and peace of mind to the purchase. All in all, the unboxing experience was very positive, anticipating a culinary experience equally satisfying with the Turbo Blaze.

Technical features

Before going into the story of ours user experience here is a rundown of the most important technical features of this air fryer:

  • Capacity: 6 liters
  • Technology: DC motor
  • Timer: Between 1 minute and 24 hours
  • Interval of temperature: 40º – 230ºC
  • Power: 1725W
  • Power: 220-240V, 50/60hz
  • Product weight: 6 kg
  • Product dimensions: 36,5 x 30 x 30,1 cm

First impressions and user experience | Cosori Turbo Blaze review

First impressions of the Cosori Turbo Blaze were extremely positive. Aesthetically, the air fryer is truly beautiful, with its elegant satin black color that gives a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. We were also positively impressed by the layout of the buttons, which makes it extremely easy to approach the product right from the start first use. The cooking buttons are positioned intuitively, making it easy to select the different options available.

The beating heart of this fryer is its own DC motor improved, which has proven to reduce time cooking until the 46%, offering a fast and efficient solution for preparing meals. Furthermore, thanks to this improvement, the Cosori Turbo Blaze is able to save up to 40% energy, demonstrating a commitment to energy efficiency. Its cooking functions are extremely versatile, ranging from grill to defrost, up to the keep warm function, offering a comprehensive range of options to satisfy the most diverse culinary needs.

Cosori Turbo Blaze review: elite air fryer

Silence and other peculiarities | Cosori Turbo Blaze review

The Cosori Turbo Blaze It also stands out for its remarkable silence, despite the fan speed being kept at high levels. Compared to its competitors, this air fryer offers a surprisingly low noise level, making the cooking experience more pleasant and peaceful. With the ability to reach temperatures up to 230°C, the Turbo Blaze proves to be a powerful ally in the kitchen, allowing you to cook a wide range of foods with precision and speed. Thanks to the improved DC motor, foods are cooked evenly, ensuring delicious and consistent results. For those who want an even more complete experience, there is the “Chef Edition” version which includes two extra accessories. The metal grill with five skewers included in the model Chef Editing allows you to expand your culinary possibilities and experiment greater variety Of recipes, offering added value to fans of creative cuisine.

What can be improved | Cosori Turbo Blaze review

Despite the excellent performance of the Cosori Turbo Blaze in practically every aspect, we would have liked to see some improvements. For example, the integration of a preheat function such as additional option to normal cooking functions would have made the experience even more complete and versatile. It should be noted that a preheating function is still present, but it is a function in itself and cannot be “chained” to the subsequent cooking function. Also, a reminder for shake il basket halfway through cooking it would have added a touch of convenience, further facilitating the meal preparation process.

Cosori Turbo Blaze review: elite air fryer

Conclusions and price

Cosori Turbo Blaze confirms itself as a very high quality air fryer, capable of offering excellent performance in terms of speed, silence and uniformity of cooking. Although some small improvements can be considered, its extremely accessible and competitive price, around 170 euro, makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for one practical solution e convenient to cook delicious and crispy foods with less fat. We highly recommend the purchase of the Cosori Turbo Blaze to anyone who wants to add a touch of innovation and versatility to their kitchen, without having to give up the quality and at performance.

What do you think about this air fryer? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • Careful design
  • Ease of use
  • Power and cooking times
  • Large capacity

Points against

  • No reminder to shake the basket
  • Preheating function a little inconvenient
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