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Cost of bills: practical tips to save

Thanks to dear bill, that inaugurated this 2022, we are all asking ourselves the same question: how to save?
There is always the possibility of changing electricity and gas suppliers but, in reality, there are a series of behaviors and precautions that could help us reduce costs, without too many sacrifices. For example, you could replace all the old light bulbs with LED ones or keep in mind that, if you are cold in the house, it could be the fault of the t-shirt you are wearing and not the set temperature.

Cost of bills: how to save?

The dear bill is one of the hot topics of the moment. And it couldn’t be otherwise. For the first quarter of 2022 we are talking about an increase of 55% for electricity and 41.8% for gas.
Let me be clear: it is not a choice of all suppliers who have decided en masse to change the cards on the table. In reality, the increase in demand for methane in the world has led to an increase in gas prices.
What about electricity? In Italy, a large part of the electricity is produced by combined cycle thermoelectric plants fueled by methane. Hence the increase in the cost of light.

The situation is certainly not one of the best but we can certainly do something to stem the price increases.

The first step is to replace old bulbs with LED oneswhich guarantee the same intensity of illumination but allow save up to 90% of electricity. They also last much longer, so you also save on buying new bulbs.
This of course does not mean leaving them on indefinitely. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
You might also install time switches in the places you frequent less, such as the cellar or garage, or take advantage of sensors that detect movement to allow the light to turn on only when they sense your presence.
Finally, remember to use natural light whenever possible and to clean the bulbs every now and then: everything could seem brighter without spending a cent.

bills increase how to save - led lamps

Fate particular attention to heaters, hair dryers and plates. They are small, cute and very useful but they consume a lot so limit their use.

Finally, remember that not everything needs to be fed constantly. We are talking about PCs, televisions and all those gizmos that, too in stand-by, they consume something. Overall all this weighs little on the bills but however, these wastes affect the environment. Our suggestion therefore is to use a power strip with switch to aggregate multiple devices or, alternatively, rely on smart sockets setting specific on and off times. And if you have a virtual assistant at home, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, you could create routines that allow you to turn everything off with a simple voice message, such as “Alexa, I’m leaving”.

We can also do something to tackle the rising gas bill. First of all, if you use a traditional boiler, pay attention to the home temperature.
Setting 25 ° C in winter because you miss a tropical holiday is not the best choice. On the contrary, it is a huge waste.
You shouldn’t exceed 20-21 ° C in the living area and 16-18 ° in the sleeping area. Does this seem exaggerated? Know that one degree less corresponds to a saving of 8%.

It would be good and right to prefer, when possible, the shower to the bathroom. And no, the shower should not last more than 5 minutes even if it is the place that helps you to reflect on life, death and the entire existence of our species.

Finally remember to use lids in the kitchen, it will help you speed up cooking and save time and gas.

The right appliances, used correctly

higher bills reduce consumption of household appliances

If you have already graduated in basic savings, it means that you are ready for the master in appliances.
The first rule of course is surround yourself with products with a high energy rating (A). This does not mean rushing to buy back everything, also because the expense would be particularly demanding. A little at a time, however, you should replace the older or non-functional ones with products that consume less.

Fridge and freezer

Where to start? The appliance that consumes the most by far is the refrigerator. The reason you can easily guess: it is always on.
However, we can do something to reduce its impact on your bill. First of all eye to positioning: it should never be near a heat source, be it the sun’s rays or the hob.
Secondly do not open it and close it continuously just because you haven’t decided what to eat yet. Rather, take a picture of the content, ponder what to do and then extract what you need.
Remember to do not place hot dishes or drinks inside, otherwise you will change the temperature and the refrigerator will be forced to lower it. On the contrary, you can use it to defrost foods, precisely because their presence keeps the temperature low. The ideal is around 5 ° C.
Finally, know that keeping the fridge sorted favors better performance because more air circulates.

Don’t forget the freezer. Choose a freezer suitable for your household and remember that when full it consumes less. It is also essential to defrost it often. Don’t wait for it to fill with ice.

Washing machine and dishwasher

how to save on your electricity bill

There are two fundamental rules to consider: low temperatures and full load.
Both the washing machine and the dishwasher should only be used if they are full, so as to optimize washing.

Most of our clothing can be washed at 40 °, perhaps preferring programs that consume less. Similar speech for the dishwasher with the eco program which is certainly longer but less energy-intensive; furthermore, whenever possible, you should exclude drying which consumes a lot.

You have decided to buy a dryer to be placed side by side or on top of the washing machine? Understandable but use it only when necessary, taking care to spin the garments before putting them inside.

Oven and microwave

The oven could be gas or electric. The first consumes slightly less than the second but in both cases the basic rule is that of opt for the more compact models, 60 cm, compared to large 90 cm ovens. Know that the latter require 150% more energy than the former.

When using it, always aim for the ventilated cooking, because it circulates the hot air evenly and speeds up cooking. Turn it off when you have finished using it and, above all, clean it because food residues can cause an important waste of energy. If you have purchased a pyrolytic one – therefore capable of self-cleaning – you are on horseback, otherwise you will need to get elbow grease, at least every now and then.

We certainly do not forget the microwave that consumes half of the traditional oven. It is an excellent solution both for cooking and for defrosting food, also combined with the hob (perhaps induction).


how to save on your gas bill

It’s not the best time to use them but summer comes quickly and with it too that oppressive heat that’s hard to get used to. We know, it’s terrible, but don’t overdo it. The air conditioner is great but it is among the most energy-intensive appliances so try to use it wisely.

The basic rules are:

  • close windows when turned on;
  • if possible use the dehumidifier mode;
  • turn it off when you are not at home. After all, it takes very little to cool the room.

Bills rise: to extreme evils …

… extreme remedies.
If everything we have told you so far is not enough, there are other interventions you could do.
First of all try to understand which is the best method to heat the water. Heat pump water heaters allow you to save 75% compared to electric ones but also those with gas can help to contain consumption.
Then remember that maintenance is important: maybe you have an excellent boiler but you need to ensure that it is always working at its best.

Another extreme solution is that of install a photovoltaic system, perhaps with accumulation to conserve the excess energy produced instead of donating it all to the grid. If you are curious to know more, find our in-depth analysis here.
This type of intervention, on the other hand, is part of the 2022 restructuring bonus, as well as the famous one thermal coatthat is the building insulation system that helps to optimize energy performance.

What do you do to save and fight expensive bills? Let us know in the comments.

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