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PSVR2: new leaks suggest launch in 2023

After the recent announcement of Sony’s new virtual reality headset, the first rumors are appearing on the net according to which the launch of PSVR2 will take place in 2023

In recent weeks, Sony has announced its next virtual reality headset, the successor to the first PSVR. Over the days, Sony has also revealed further details on the technical specifications of the aforementioned headset, from the new controllers to the headset. If the details revealed so far confirm a improvement substantial experience VRyet nothing has been said officially about theI arrive of this new hardware. However, according to the latest leakthe launch of the expected PSVR2 it will take place in the first months of 2023.

PSVR2 launch could take place in 2023

Many have speculated (and hoped) that the launch of the new headset could happen by the end of this year. Several leaks, in the past, had supposed an exit in the last months of 2022. However, it appears that the schedule output is bound to change. The YouTube channel PSVR Without Parolewhich had previously disclosed several leak on the new device Sonythen confirmed, ha published recently a new video in which it is assumed for the PSVR2 a launch In the first quarter of 2023. a reasonable strategy on Sony’s part. Firstly because, being the PSVR2 closely connected to the PS5 platform, must do indirectly he also comes to terms with the crisis of semiconductors.

PSVR2: new leaks suggest launch in 2023

Then why, ritardando the release of a few months, the PS5 will cover one largest installed base (more people will have it), all while the company continues with the production of other viewers. Recall that these are to be treated as rumor, or as news not yet officially confirmed. Apart from that, let’s wait more details shortly. Maybe just for the next one playstation event set for March. Finally, it remains to be seen what the titles to play. With Horizon Call of the Mountain and the rumored porting by Half-Life Alyx, we’ll see what others experiences await us.

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