Cougar Gaming: many novelties presented at Computex

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Cougar Gaming presented at this Computex many novelties both in terms of houses, but also gaming chairs and more. Let’s see the details

Cougar Gaminga leading supplier of PC cases, cooling solutions, power supplies and gaming chairs, returns to Computex with important news covering the new series of cases, a complete range of cooling products and a new range of gaming chairs. The latter in particular are inspired by the motorsport world and even feature an integrated cooling system. But let’s go in order and see all the products announced.

Cougar Gaming: many novelties presented at Computex

Let’s see the Cougar Gaming products presented at Computex

Il Panzer 800 of Cougar is an armored beast in the formato full tower. As the name implies, it is heavily inspired by German armored vehicles due to its robust structure and aggressive lines. These combined with an elegant black finish convey a sense of power and strength without equal. Such an imposing structure also allows one good cable management and boasts an excellent cooling system. The latter in particular is equipped with a perforated front panel and is meant for accommodate as many as 12 fans total, a heat sink with radiator up to 420 mm it’s a tower heatsink up to 190 mm of height.

NxSys Aero it is instead one of the novelties regarding gaming chairs. The engineers have combined the best of ergonomics, cooling technology and style in this model. There 200mm ARGB fan allows to to circulate fresh air down your back, giving hours and hours of play in total comfort and freshness. The innovative elastomeric mesh and vented back cover work together to create a cushioning effect which will make us feel like we are floating in the air.

Cougar Gaming: many novelties presented at Computex

Drawing inspiration from the sleek, lightweight design and high-performance features of motorsports, the gaming chair Cougar Hotrod it is designed for fit perfectly to the body for maximum comfort and control, offering a fusion of style, comfort and performance. The multi-zone backrest design allows you to have a optimal support in any circumstanceensuring maximum comfort even in long gaming sessions.

L’Armor EVO offers exceptional comfort and support to a affordable cost. AND ideal for streamers and content creators. The chair’s steel frame and high-density memory foam padding they provide strength and lasting support by adapting to individual body shapes, while the PVC leather lining gives it an elegant look; its adjustment characteristics offer players the ability to customize your seating position.

These were all the products presented by the company. Let us know what you think in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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