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Could Europe ban Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook e Instagram could leave theEuropaready a ban i due social. Or at least that could be what is at stake later Ireland blocked the transfer of data to the United States as a matter of privacy. And he asked the Guarantors of the rest of the Union to judge whether to do the same within a month.

Europe could ban Facebook and Instagram

Thursday 7 July 2022 is likely to become a historic date for technology on our continent. In fact, just yesterday the Data Protection Commission irlandese blocked all Instagram and Facebook data transfers from Europe to the United States. And then he sent a document to all the antitrust commissions of Europe asking for a judgment on the legality of transfer private data of overseas users.

The risk for Meta could lead to a ban without precedentthe. Or more likely, a new agreement between the European and American authorities to prevent such a step from being taken.


As the Irish Supervisor writes: “This draft decision, which is subject to review by the European data protection authorities, refers to a conflict between EU and US law that is being resolved.

“We welcome the agreement between the EU and the US for a new legal frameworkor. Which will allow for the continuous transfer of data across borders. And we expect this framework to allow us to keep families, communities and economies connected ”.

After the Court of Justice of the Union had canceled the Privacy Shield in 2020the EU-US data transfer agreement, the threat to leave Europe had come from Meta. Zuckeberg wrote: “We will probably not be able to offer some of our most significant products and services in Europe. Including Facebook and Instagram “.

Now that the threat comes from the other side, the deal seems even further away. Both Europe and American society are likely to do not accept ultimatum. A Facebook and Instagram ban continues to seem unlikely. But no longer impossible. We will keep you posted.

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