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Counter Strike 2: the beta of the game is out

After many years it would seem that Counter Strike 2 is a reality and the beta version of the game is coming out soon

It has been rumored for years that Counter Strike 2 will be released in the future and now according to new rumors it seems that the release of the beta version is closer than ever. Richard Lewis, eSports journalist and tournament host, a very important figure in the Counter-Strike community, has reported that Counter-Strike 2 is on the way. According to Lewis, the CSGO 2 beta release date, still working title of the gameis scheduled for end of March.

Get ready for the release of the Counter Strike 2 beta!

Information about the release of Counter Strike 2 does not end there. Lewis reports that CSGO 2 will have 128 server just like Riot Games’ Valorant. In addition, the game will also include a system much improved match-making with features that hopefully make the need for third-party services superfluous. The report comes following NVIDIA driver updates referencing CSGO 2, which is believed to be the new one game/title update. According to @gabefollower on Twitter, CSGO 2 has been in QA since December 2022, although it has been said that this is not 100% confirmed.

The new rumors are very interesting, with details on what will happen to the original game when Counter-Strike 2 is released. will or will not completely replace the previous game. But above all, what will happen to skin of the players? If they were to lose them this could infuriate players, so we would expect Valve to address the matter with the utmost seriousness about it for the players. The hope is that everything will be automatically transferred to the new title but to find out more we just have to wait for new information about it.

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