CovKill is the first technology that measures UV-C rays to eliminate viruses

CovKill è la prima tecnologia che dosa i raggi UV-C correttamente per eliminare i virus thumbnail

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CovKill is the first technology capable of correctly dose UV-C rays to eliminate the Covid-19 virus from air and surfaces. The correct dosage takes place through the real time control of the emission of UV-C rays. This technology guarantees over 99% effectiveness on viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, and also kills fungi and bacteria in a safe and environmentally friendly way. CovKill’s crowdfunding campaign has already passed the milestone set by the J&S company.

CovKill technology devices allow for complete and effective sanitation

CovKill technology allows UV-C sanitizing devices to achieve a complete effect. A room sanitized with CovKill technology, in fact, will be ready for use in no time. Devices equipped with this technology are able to calculate the time and power required to eliminate all pathogens from the environment to be sanitized. The new technology it exceeded the minimum target of € 70,000 in a few days his and is now aiming for the maximum target of 700 thousand euros. The use of ultraviolet radiation allows to modify the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms, neutralizing them. These solutions are destined to become more and more effective and widespread.

The company comment

Paolo Angelucci COO of Fisiocomputer – J&S, CovKill manufacturer, underlines: “According to the estimates of Bancel, CEO of the modern pharmaceutical company, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease, will not disappear. Humanity must identify strategies to adapt and live with the problem. This is why we have developed CovKill technology, currently in the patent phase, and applied it to the new range of Virus Killer (VK) products “