Coyote: Service improvements arrive

Coyote: Service improvements arrive

Coyote, despite the delicate moment we are still going through, announces interesting news on mobility

Last year in this same period Coyote wished a good year, a 2020 that was difficult and suffered, which closed the whole of Italy at home for two long months, forcing it to face an economic and social crisis never seen before. The pandemic also severely affected mobility, but Coyote reacted improving their service providing new warnings that have helped the driver to drive more and more safely.

The year began with the spread of the virus and Italy closed in a general lockdown; Coyote has promoted, together with other organizations and companies, the message #iorestoacasa, a fundamental behavior to be followed to curb the virus race. In those months, however, the company continued to develop new alerts and improve the service by inserting Men at Work, an important message for the safety of the motorist in the whole world Italian motorway, made by many construction sites that often create kilometric queues.

Coyote: Service improvements arrive

In conjunction with the Tour of Italy, which was moved in October, Coyote unveiled the new Events alert, which signaled to the motorist the passage areas of the tour, thus helping to improve traffic. Events is a very useful alert because it signals all the events in place that can create disruption to mobility (concerts, football matches, etc.).

Coyote’s work has therefore been continuous even in a year where mobility has been severely penalized, working on improving the service (addition of 3000 speed camera positions, updating 15,000 km with new speed limits) and continuing to guarantee the Community a Premium service. The result obtained was in fact an increase of + 10% of users who have chosen the Coyote service, over other solutions and 5 million customers in Europe.

Coyote continues to innovate in 2021

The expected 2021 begins now and with the start of the year Coyote is focusing more and more on the APP, a solution increasingly preferred and appreciated by the Community, available for Android e iOS and adds a new Work in Progress alert, already available for the Community as a temporary alert, but in the coming months the official Autostrade sources will be inserted and monitored, detecting a series of construction sites in our territory, warning with 30 km ahead of the motorist. The developers know very well that road construction sites must and are adequately indicated with the appropriate signs, but in most situations, motorists are not very attentive to these indications, continuing to drive as if nothing had happened. Informing in advance with the new Work in Progress alert of the presence of a construction site with an audio and visual warning suggests to the motorist greater attention so as to increase driving safety.

The new alert is already available for the Coyote app in standard or Extend version, Compatible with CarPlay e Mirrorlink e per Coyote NAV+. To use the new alert, the user does not have to carry out any updating operations as, through the appropriate signaling command, the alert is already accessible. This new alert, along with constant updates of speed limits and service monitoring as well as the ability to confirm alerts via voice command for users of the Coyote APP for iOS, confirms Coyote’s commitment to offer a premium driver assistance service to increase road safety for motorists and to inform them in real time about speed limits, fixed speed cameras, speed cameras furniture, traffic light cameras, Tutor sections (with average speed from gate to gate), risk areas, traffic, accidents and dangers along the route.

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