Crab Game: arriva il videogioco fanmade ispirato a Squid Game thumbnail

Crab Game: the fanmade video game inspired by Squid Game is here

The incredible success it has achieved Squid Game has also involved video games, and it is precisely to ride the wave of the moment that it was born, on Steam, Crab Game. It is a rather simple free title, but which has quickly climbed the rankings of the platform thanks to the obvious inspiration from the Korean drama. Let’s take a more specific look at what it is.

Here is Crab Game: the game inspired by Squid Game

Crab Game soon became very popular, also and above all thanks to the propulsive thrust that streamer e content creator they gave him, given the interest that has been generated around the title. The game follows in an extremely faithful way what is seen in the series, even the games are almost the same, even if they are more than those seen in the counterpart of Netflix.

Crab Game

In Crab Game we have indeed nine different activities to be carried out in twenty-eight different maps, all inspired by children’s games. Of course, as you may have already guessed, the game is intended as constantly online, in which up to 35 players try to survive until the end of the massacre, in true battle royale style.

In this regard, the description you can read about makes you smile Steam which reads: “Certainly not based on any Korean pop culture TV show streaming online, because that would get me into legal trouble, so we’re certainly not doing it.” A mix of sarcasm and defense towards one’s own creative flair, in order to avoid incurring annoying legal consequences.

All that glitters is not gold though.

Between bugs and privacy

The game developer, Daniel “Dani” Sooman, he certainly did not hide the fact that he created Crab Game in a hurry, with all the limitations that this entailed. As we said in the last paragraph, the popularity of the game has been consecrated by the many content creators who have decided to try it live but, as was to be expected, the title is plagued by a long series of bugs.

Crab Game has indeed a wide range of technical problems, ranging from sudden software crashes, passing through the unexpected interpenetration of game models, up to real glitches capable of making everything on the verge of unplayable.

If these characteristics can also be taken with a goliardic spirit, that is the right mindset to face a product of this kind, much more serious problems have recently emerged relating to privacy of users.

In fact, it seems that the players who access the public lobby suffer the exposure of IP addresses with the risk of a DDOS attack, as happened to the aforementioned xQc streamer. Dani himself has posted a tweet in which he invites not to play Crab Game until a new update which should put a patch on this problem.

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