Crash Bandicoot: According to a rumor, two other games are in development

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If we had to choose a mascot to best represent Sony then we would almost certainly end up choosing the Crash Bandicoot series, a series that could be enriched with two other titles according to a rumor.

If there is one thing that both old-fashioned players and new-generation players like, it’s a good thing platform to test reflexes, concentration and above all a lot of patience. All qualities that Spyro & Soci players could certainly not miss to end these colorful adventures. Another title was obviously Crash Bandicoot which, according to a rumor, it could be enriched with two other titles currently in development, but let’s go ahead in order.

Crash Bandicoot: Hope is on Twitter

It was the year 2017 and, between one endless series of Wumpa and remaster fruits, the original trilogy of this Sony protagonist was back in vogue (we have already talked about it in more detail here). Then it was the turn of the remake of Team Racing and the fourth chapter, It’s About Time, now it seems that a rumor indicates that two other Crash Bandicoot titles are in development.

And where has this amazing news been talked about? Obviously on Twitterwe leave you the post below, which lately seems to have become the main platform for leaks, rumors and hopes (sometimes disillusioned as in the case of alleged remakes of Zelda).

To reveal the news that two other games of our favorite Wumpa fruit shooter are in development was therefore theuser TheRealInsiderwhich is not new to these types of ads, but of course at the moment little or nothing is known. Some already think Toys for Bob might be responsible, but it’s still too early to talk about it we keep our fingers crossed.

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