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Crazy time game review

A little useful information about the Crazy time online game, which will surely come in handy if you decide to try it and play it

It is not difficult to understand the game process. It takes a certain amount of time to place a bet. The minimum size is only 10 cents. The maximum reaches 5000 pounds. As a result, this game can be recommended for both those who prefer not to risk their wealth and high rollers.

Crazy Time involves betting on numbers and/or any of the 4 types of bonuses available. The player has up to 15 seconds to make a prediction. When time runs out, the wheel spins. In parallel, the top of the slot also spins. If the number bet is successful, you get the Top Spin multiplier. Crazy Time’s tracking shows that it provides more generous rewards. In bonus rounds, the game develops according to the rules set out in them.

The game features a total of 54 segments on the reel. They are distributed unevenly. In particular, users will see:

  • 21 segments for the number 1. The bet is paid in the format 1x.
  • 13 segments for the number 2. The bet is paid out in the 2x format.
  • 7 cells for the digit 5. Gives a 5x win.
  • 4 cells for the number 10. The bet is paid in the format 10x.

There are also bonus segments. In total, there are 9 such cells. It is not difficult to calculate that Crazy Time’s statistics are such that every 6-7 spins can bring bonuses. However, it must be taken into account that the host can change the direction of the wheel. This affects the chances of being among the winners. Crazy Time online can be followed live. This will allow you to feel all the exciting spirit of the slot.

Crazy Time main ride

To make your spins pay off, try to register with a reputable company. The presence of the Crazy Time demo is an important selection criterion, but not the only one. It is better to pay attention to the brands that are on our list. These are reliable companies that you can trust 100%. Cooperation with them does not involve any risks or costs. By choosing Crazy Time or this slot over other games, users risk absolutely nothing. The benefits of reputable companies are considered

  • 24-hour access;
  • the ability to quickly resolve all issues with the help of a personal assistant;
  • generous bonuses that apply to both new users and long-time registered players;
  • a variety of payment methods available, thanks to which it will be possible to carry out transactions quickly.

Madness timed bonus rounds

One of the main trump cards of the development is the presence of generous bonuses. The rules suggest that 4 varieties of additional spins are available here. In total, they are available on 9 cells. In Crazy Time bonus rounds every user can count on bigger winnings. The maximum reward per time exceeds 20000 times the original stake. All this makes this slot a rational choice for anyone who wants to make money.

Giro bonus Coin Flip

One of the simplest bonuses is the Coin Flip. For all fans of the Crazy Time game, this is yet another chance to make a big splash. In front of the user will be a coin with a red and a blue side. Guess which one will fall, set the multiplier and you can get a big score. Do not be afraid to try your luck and the profit will not keep you waiting long. You can use this bonus option very often.

Cash Hunt bonus round

In this round users will be faced with a huge screen. There are 108 cells on it at once. Behind each of them are hidden multipliers, which allow you to increase the standard size of wins. The symbols are mixed. You choose any of them and the system determines the multiplier for you. Crazy Time statistics show that it is quite realistic to be among the winners. And if the company’s gameplay will cause you any questions, then be sure to contact support.

Bonus round Pachinko

In this round, players will face the wall of the same name. There they will see a puck and pegs. By hitting the wall, the system will show the multiplier that will fall. How to play Crazy Time is not difficult to understand. Most importantly, there will be an opportunity to test the game and count on the maximum reward. The maximum multiplier in this round can reach x10000. Unsurprisingly, in the presence of such bonuses, the lack of jackpots for this slot does not appear critical.

Giro Bonus Crazy Time

The last of the available incentives is the most generous. A Ferris wheel will be located in front of the user. It is necessary to choose one of the arrows (multicolored). Which sector it will bet on will be the multiplier. Very often the Crazy Time game strategy allows you to exceed the standard winnings by 2-3 times. The maximum multiplier within the presented bonus can reach x20000. This is a record reward, provided by the game.

Useful information about Crazy time

A little useful information about the Crazy time online game, which will surely come in handy if you decide to play online casinos for real money:

  • The maximum video slot multiplier is x50.
  • Maximum multiplier for 1 bet: x20000. This is the case with the Crazy Time bonus game with double/triple features.
  • The luckiest players can win up to 500x their stake.