Creating a world full of emotions for the next generations: Sony at ISE 2023

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Sony attends ISE 2023 to demonstrate how it is helping to create connected experiences and prepare its customers for the future of work

At ISE 2023, Sony is showcasing its latest range of audiovisual solutions and products, which will create connected experiences for its customers. Extensive product portfolio at the show will include the debut of both Sony’s latest 220″ Crystal LED display and the recently announced SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 4K PTZ cameras. In Hall 3, booth 3E400, Sony invited visitors to interface with experts from the corporate, education, retail and residential sectors and explore the benefits of Sony partnerships. Additionally, attendees will be able to learn about Sony’s commitment to sustainability; in fact, the stand is built with sustainable materials and a dedicated section showcasing its stories and key initiatives to achieve a sustainable society and a better future.

Creating a world full of emotions for the next generations: Sony at ISE 2023

Statements regarding Sony’s innovations at ISE 2023

Returning to Barcelona to attend ISE is always a fantastic opportunity to showcase the best of Sony products, solutions and partnerships

afferma Damien WeissenburgerHead of Sony Professional Displays and Solutions Europe. Che prosegue affermando:

From SRG cameras to our newest Crystal LED model, Sony is creating a world full of emotion through the inspiring and connecting power of technology. We cannot offer exciting experiences without drawing inspiration from the world we live in; therefore, we create new products in a sustainable way and hope they showcase our true creative and inspiring vision at ISE 2023.

Ultra-realistic visuals as big as your imagination

Sony recently announced four new Crystal LED displays, the bright and rich BH-series and the immersive CH-series. Designed for corporate and retail environments, each new series is available in P1.2mm and P1.5mm pixel pitches and offers exceptional picture quality and accurate colors from Crystal LEDs, as well as improved installation flexibility and power consumption, the all at a lower cost. At ISE, visitors can experience the new BH-series 4K 1.2mm 220″. Sony’s system solution for Virtual Production Crystal LED, presented at ISE for the first time, enhances freedom of expression for creators. This is enabled by the “VFX in camera” method, which combines 137″ VENICE and B-series Crystal LED motion picture cameras with a camera tracking system and real-time engine.

AI PTZ automation for high quality video shooting

The new 4K SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 cameras support high-quality video shooting but with integrated PTZ AI autoframing technology. Automatically tracks the subject with pan/tilt/zoom movement using technology developed with the experience of professional cameramen for more natural framing and fantastic viewing. Tracking performance is outstanding regardless of the posture and movement of the tracked subject. Sony’s Edge Analytics solution can be used with network cameras in education environments. This video analytics technology integrates AR software and AI technology to intuitively enhance a presentation experience and enhance video and audio quality.

Creating a world full of emotions for the next generations: Sony at ISE 2023

Sony at ISE 2023: Using partnerships to add creativity and value

Get informed. Entertain yourself. Collaborate. Sony partnerships result in enhanced compatibility and better creative freedom for what you can do with our 4K BRAVIA Professional Displays. Sony is stepping up its partnerships to make integration easier, operating costs lower, and people-to-people connections better. At ISE, many of the third party partnerships were showcased. Including how Kramer’s BRAINware application can be installed on BRAVIA creating a complete control room system without additional hardware. Furthermore, it was possible to witness how Sony joined forces with signageOS to produce a system framework for content management and digital signage. Thus doubling the compatibility of Sony displays to support nearly 60 CMS options.

Prepare the company for the future of work

After the pandemic, it has become important for Sony to help businesses prepare for the future. Research shows that asynchronous work, where employees aren’t online at the same time, is becoming the new normal. However, 58% of employees Sony surveyed say companies lack the tools to support this way of working. Sony wants to make changes using its solutions such as TEOS, workspace management system, and BRAVIA 4K professional displays to meet the new technological needs of employees and provide companies with professional equipment that connects employees. At the show, it will be possible to see solutions for the workspace, including TEOS meet and TEOS Lite.

Offer your visitors a brighter and more connected shopping experience

We help retailers create breathtaking retail environments where visitors can enjoy the best of real-world and digital shopping. From vibrant signage to visual experiences, BRAVIA 4K professional displays and Crystal LED wall and laser projectors can transform retail spaces into immersive, interactive experiences. The BRAVIA range is perfect for use in Digital Signage and many other corporate solutions. BRAVIA’s simple installation and easy-to-control software, supporting market-leading content management systems, make BRAVIA the best solution for businesses. Their PRO mode supports 24/7 usage, easy setup for professional environments, and allows you to disable physical remotes and buttons.

Creating a world full of emotions for the next generations: Sony at ISE 2023

Sony at ISE 2023: the new era of home projection

At the Sony booth, the recently announced VPL-PHZ51 and VPL-PHZ61 projectors showcased their visual projection, advanced operational features with high brightness and flexible installation. The projectors include Sony’s Reality Creation, Smart settings and Clear View as well as boasting up to 7,000 lumens and 5,800 lumens of brightness.

Sony’s screening turns 50 this year, then the company celebrated with the arrival of two new 4K SXRD Home Cinema projectors, the VPL-XW7000 and VPL-XW5000. These are the world’s most compact laser projectors and herald a new era for home projection.

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