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Graphics software are often complex programs that require long training courses and a lot of practice. Not really for everyone. For create graphics simple but effective the site Canva is free and very useful. Easy to use, much simpler than other tools for graphic layout, most of the functions are free and there is no need to install programs or applications. Are you curious to find out how Canva works?

How Does Canva Work?

You don’t need to have great graphic skills to use Canva, it is a rather intuitive site and with a series of pre-set layouts and templates that facilitate the work. Today we will briefly explain how it works.

Signing up for Canva is free

To access the service, you need to sign up for Canva. Registration is free and can be done by address email or Facebook or Google. It is very simple, just choose the registration method and complete the steps. If you already have a profile, that’s enough click on Login.

Choose the layout of the project

If you already have an idea of ​​the graphics to create, Canva will help you find the most suitable format to develop it. By clicking on “Models” or “Create a project“, You will be able to view all the categories of projects and the preset formats that can be created. Each category is divided into different layouts: Documents, for example, has all the most popular formats such as Letter Format, Presentation in 16: 9, Presentation, Letterhead US, Magazine, formats for posts and stories on social networks and Curriculum Vitae. Also, by passing the cursor over the format, you can see its resolution in pixels.

How Canva Free Works: The First Steps

Once you have selected the model you prefer, just click on it to start customize it. A screen divided into two will open: To the right you will have theworking area, the project but modify. On the leftinstead, there are the preset layouts ready for use. On some of them we find the inscription “free“If, in fact, there is no cost for use, or vice versa the dollar sign if that content includes one or more elements for which a small amount is required to pay. Change or add textual or graphic elements is simple: just click on the single element to move it, delete it, modify it and so on.

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Customize the graphics

With Canva you can completely customize your graphics. Give it backgroundal character of every single word, you have great freedom of choice. Also, you can add gif, foto, elementi as frames, frames or designs. For example, you can insert highlighter marks to make titles stand out. You can even upload your photos and insert them into the document. If you are short of imagination, just choose the model you like best and start from the development of that.


Save and share Canva projects

If you want to work together on your project, you just have to click on the writing “Share” at the top right and enter the email address of the collaborator you want to work with to invite him to participate. When you have finished developing your graph, you just have to save and download it in the format that best suits your needs, by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the Canva website.

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Creating projects with Canva is very simple, it is perfect for those who do not have great skills but want to create well-made and original presentations and graphic products. Plus, the preset layouts save a lot of time and are perfect for those with little imagination.

Signing up for Canva is free and simple, so we invite you to give it a try, it’s a great alternative to expensive traditional graphics programs.

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