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Creative Live Cam Sync V3 Review: A New Standard of Quality

In this review we will talk about the Creative Live Cam Sync V3, webcam capable of offering 2K images with an enviable zoom, let’s find out

The world of webcam it is always in constant ferment and the proposals of the companies are always numerous. Today, however, we review a product that imposes a change from route for many companies in terms of quality. We are talking about the Creative Live Cam Sync V3, new model of the leading company in this and many other electronic and hardware sectors. Let’s not delay and let’s go to to describe this webcam in detail.

Packaging and unboxing | Creative Live Cam Sync V3 Review

Let’s start with the unboxing of a curated product the smallest details. As Creative knows, even the packaging deserve the whole treatment e attention possible. It is about communication and aesthetics and this webcam does not disdain even from that point of view. Inside the package, well protected, we find the webcam and the manuals.

Technical features

Below, for the sake of completeness, a summary of the main peculiarities of this Creative home webcam:

  • Digital zoom up to 4X
  • Maximum resolutions QHD (1440p) at 30 fps or FHD (1080p) at 30 fps
  • Field of view up to 95 °
  • Integrated microphone
  • Dimensions: 82 x 53 x 58 mm for a weight of 95.7 grams
  • 1.80 m long cable
  • Lens cover for privacy
  • Compatibility with Windows PC and macOS
  • Availability of SmartComms Kit for Windows only

Design, materials and first use | Creative Live Cam Sync V3 Review

Let’s start talking about the design, certainly not particularly innovative but nonetheless consolidated e mature. The shapes are very square, the plastic used is in any case of good material and does not “creak”. The universal clip allows you to mount the webcam on any desktop PC or laptop. Furthermore the forum for any tripod makes this webcam ideal for any use case. Creative Live Cam Sync V3 is able to perform rotations a 360° e inclinations as far as 30 degrees.

As soon as I finished unboxing I immediately put it to the test by connecting it to the fixed PC. I really enjoyed the “plug-and-play” as the product instantly installs its own driver and is perfectly ready for use. I also wanted to enjoy the experience of SmartComms Kit, only available on Windows, which allows you to increase its functionality and options. The webcam is perfectly compatible with Zoom, Skype, Teams, Messanger and so on and so forth.

Quality, functions and experience | Creative Live Cam Sync V3 Review

You certainly cannot overlook the number one quality of this webcam, which is the 2K QHD resolution. Clearly this resolution can only be used with applications from third parts that support this function (among these apps, for example, OBS). Another truly unique feature is it zoom digital 4X. This allows directly from the camera, via an invisible touch button on the top of the body, to instantly change the amount of zoom. There are four possible presets ranging from 1X al 4X.

A webcam nowadays cannot be separated from excellent video quality, but must be able to ensure excellent audio quality. So it is also up Creative Live Cam Sync V3. In fact, it mounts doubles omnidirectional digital microphones. During the tests the voice is really clean, almost unusual by a webcam.

SmartComms Kit

A praise to this application, exclusive to Windows, which certainly enhances the user experience of Creative products. They are essentially due the functions truly important that this app can give. The VoiceDetect, designed to capture in a smart your voice and stop the microphone signal when you stop talking. Second, but not least, the NoiseClean-out, tool that removes il noise from bottom unwanted from us. So do not worry about any vacuum cleaners, bricklayers at home and so on.

Conclusions and prices | Creative Live Cam Sync V3 Review

We are certainly faced with a webcam that requires other manufacturers to change gear to catch up. The quality 2K it is definitely a battle horse to ride the wave, although unfortunately still available practically only on OBS. The mounting system is excellent, even if sometimes slightly short. The possibility of rotation a 360 degrees makes the product truly versatile and above all makes it suitable for different purposes of use. From the office to streaming, boasting one zoom 4X very easily controlled from the webcam itself. There are few flaws found, surely I would have appreciated the 60 FPS in Full HD, that would truly open a world even to high-level streaming.

A webcam that, also considering how much it costs, approx € 70 on the Creative websiteit is truly impossible not to recommend. Mature, solid and capable of giving a video quality (but also audio!) very respectable. We also point out that, at this time, it is possible to use on Amazon of a coupon worth 20€, take advantage of it! What do you think of this Creative Live Cam Sync V3? Please let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • 2K QHD quality
  • Touch button for Zoom
  • Zoom 4X
  • SmartComms Kit
  • Competitive price

Points against

  • Peccato per i 30 FPS in Full HD
  • Slightly short clip
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