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Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review: Entry-level headphones that can be improved

In this review we talk about the Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2, entry-level over-ear headphones that didn’t entirely satisfy me

The Creative brand has always stood out for its impeccable quality and obsessive attention to detail. Just think of the Live Cam Sync V3 or the SXFI THEATER headphones that I personally reviewed, to bring the mind back to truly fulfilling and satisfying user experiences. Today let’s try instead of headphones from prezzo certainly a lot content, which certainly fall within the panorama of entry-level. In fact, in this review we talk about Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2. Let’s not get lost in chatter and let’s get right to the heart of the review.

Packaging and unboxing | Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review

The packaging of the new headphones from the Singapore multinational is certainly very effective cleanse as usual. Inside we find the headset, a quick guide and two booklets (one for compliance and the other for warranty). Before considerations aesthetics let’s take a look at the main technical characteristics of the product.

Technical features

The headphones are over-ear and can only be used in wired mode (with 2.5 meter long wire) via a stereo input from 3,5 mm. A big advantage of these headphones is certainly in the low weight, which stands at 187 grams.

The headphones also come with a microphone (equipped with a special spit guard) with condenser which promises to eliminate noise. In the middle of the cable there is a small controller from which it is possible regular il volume and mute the microphone. Further technical information:

  • 32 ohm impedance
  • Sensitivity 105dB/mW
  • Driver da 40 mm
  • Frequency response from 20 to 20,000Hz.
  • Compatibility with PS4, PS5, Xbox S/X, Windows, macOS, Android, iPadOS/iOS

Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review: Entry-level headphones that can be improved

Design e prime impressioni | Review Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2

Let’s start with first impressions. The company’s goal is understandable was to maintain a weight extremely content, factor certainly important but in my opinion not decisive. The headphones in my opinion appear since too light, do not return a feedback of solidity, on the contrary, they appear quite creaky and plasticky. The design it’s surely nailed it, very sober in total-black color with the logo on the external pavilions.

One aspect that, however, I particularly appreciated is the choice of the fabrics by and pavilions and for the padding above the head. The material, in fact, is in imitation fabric, very breathable e comfortable to wear even for hours. Headphones, when worn, are not always able to cover the entire surface of the ear, often leaving portions outside, however the wearability and sufficient.

How does she feel? | Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review

We finally come to the crux of a review that focuses on a pair of headphones. I have found these headphones quite a lot acerbic sonicallyall frequencies are quite flat, the sound performance is meager and in my opinion not up to the mark.

As long as they are used for listening to music, the result is altogether passable, the sound performance remains acceptable. In addition to using them to listen to music, I put them to the test with intense gaming sessions in the most diverse games, from Warzone 2 a Flight Simulator. The result, however, is not the best, certainly the sound performance can be improved while still being superior to listening without headphones.

Microphone and other features | Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review

Before talking about the software, just a few words to spend on the microphone. It is a removable rod device designed with a technology of elimination of noise. This is able to filter out background noise allowing the voice to stand out. This noise canceling feature is compatible with various software including Discord, Skype, Zoom, Teams and other. In game the microphone behaves discreetly, the voce it’s enough chiara and arrives at its destination in a manner good enough.

Now let’s talk about the software, because like any other product of Creative, hardware is nothing without a good software. Through the program SoundBlaster Studio Essential (however only available on Windows) it is possible to enjoy a virtualized 7.1 sound that can be activated by the software. From there it is also possible to customize gods profiles Of equalization such as gaming, films and music to obtain the most congenial result for us.

Conclusions and price

I honestly found these headphones a bit immature and uncompetitive especially if you compare it to other models also from other brands a price parity. The strong points are definitely the weight, the choice of materials for padding and the microphone performance. However, there are obvious limitations in terms of audio, which unfortunately cannot be filled by the software that anyway performs excellently.

Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2 review: Entry-level headphones that can be improved

The price of headphones right now is around €45 on the official Creative website but often this is affected by discounts so it is possible to buy them at a lower price. I think they are headphones improvable, perhaps suitable for kids who want to enter the world of gaming without spending a fortune.

What do you think of these Creative SoundBlaster Blaze V2? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Plus points

  • Choice of upholstery materials
  • Well made microphone
  • Dedicated software
  • Low weight

Points against

  • Sound output not up to par
  • Little solidity of the skeleton
  • Prezzo
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