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Creative Stage Air V2: Fill your world with music

In the last few hours, Creative Technology company announced the launch of its new Creative Stage Air V2

Creative Technology (here for more info on the company) is a world leader in the creation of digital entertainment products. Famous for its schede audio Sound Blaster and for initiating a veritable multimedia revolution, which has a user base of over 400 million. Creative leads digital entertainment with cutting-edge audio solutions that include premium wireless speakers, wireless headphones, powerful audiophile amplifiers and next-generation home theater systems. The company continues to reinvent Sound Blaster, with its revolutionary Sound Blaster Roar and Sound Blaster X7 that target the next generation of mobile networks by connecting the world of computers, smartphones and tablets.

The idea of ​​the future

In 2016, Creative unveiled the X-Fi Sonic Carrier: a new concept of high resolution audio and video for home entertainment. This powerful technology, nicknamed “the soundbar of the gods”, personifies the concept of “Audio of the future”. In 2018, Creative launched an all-new, revolutionary and award-winning headphone technology called Super X-Fi. This technology uses computational audio to recreate the sound of a multi-speaker system like in a professional recording studio. Plus, it delivers the same original depth, detail, realism and immersion experience in the headphones. Super X-Fi also uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate a personalized audio profile based on a person’s specific needs. Super X-Fi has also won numerous awards around the world including, for the first time, 23 awards at CES 2019-2020.

New: Creative Stage Air V2Creative Stage Air V2: Fill your world with music

Creative Technology announced in the last few hours the Creative stage Air V2, its latest soundbar designed to offer a complete audio experience, in a minimalist form and versatile in connectivity options. Beautifully designed, and with the right measures, Creative Stage Air V2 fills your audio space without cluttering your desk. Compared to the previous one, Stage Air V2 sports a new look, while maintaining a slim and compact design. Despite the lack of a subwoofer, the bass has definitely improved and so has the audio quality, thanks to its two full-range drivers and an oversized passive radiator.


This soundbar is compatible with many devices (including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and smartphone). It is possible to connect a single cable USB for audio and power, or go back to the trusty jack da 3.5mm for analog connectivity. Also as a speaker wireless does his. This is thanks to the new technology Bluetooth 5.3 and at six hours of playtime on a single charge, it’s easy to move the soundbar according to the room you’re in. Stage Air V2 is ready to please everyone: from those who want a compact desk accessory to those looking for a soundbar to put in the kitchen to revive the environment.

Price and availability

The Creative Stage Air V2 is available on the market at the recommended price of euro 49.99 on For more information, visit the website.

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