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Russia leaves the International Space Station project

Russia leaves the International Space Station. The farewell will not be immediate but the timing has already been defined. In fact, according to what has been announced in these hours, Russia intends to withdraw from the International Space Station project starting in 2024. Confirmation came from Yury Borisov, new head of Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency. Here are the details of the project and Russia’s next moves.

Russia prepares farewell to the International Space Station

The effects of the war in Ukraine are also being felt in the space exploration sector. Russia, in fact, has confirmed that from 2024 it will leave the International Space Station. The ideas of the new head of the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, are clear. According to Borisov, in fact, the Russian agency must focus on building the “Russian space station “.

As a result of this decision, Russia will stop collaborating with the United States, Europe, Canada and Japan on the project. In the future, the Russian agency may start cooperate with China which in recent years has been making significant progress in the development of its “space” activities. Further details on Russia’s plans to do so will arrive over the next few months.

Of course, Russia will not stop its activities in space exploration. In the near future, Roscosmos will be able to count on new partners, continuing to work for the development of new technologies for the exploration of the solar system.

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