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Creative Stage SE: Boost your PC audio!

Creative Technology today announces the release of Creative Stage SE, the latest monitor soundbar designed to enhance the desktop audio experience

Despite its compact size, Creative Stage SE delivers serious audio power thanks to racetrack custom drivers and Sound Blaster technologyto offer a clearer and more immersive audio experience.

This soundbar it is simple to set up and turns on easily via a power adapter; Furthermore, it offers both USB digital audio and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. With convenient controls and tone adjustments, Creative Stage SE is able to offer a top-notch cinematic, musical and gaming experience.

Creative Stage SE: Boost your PC audio!

Creative Stage SE delivers clearer, louder and punchier audio in a smaller package

Equipped with powerful full-range drivers and oversized radiatorsCreative Stage SE can deliver clearer, punchier sound, even without a subwoofer.

With a 48W total peak powerthis soundbar surpasses the audio performance of any speaker built into your PC to deliver a better listening experience.

Creative Stage SE dispone di tecnologie audio Sound Blaster come Clear Dialog e Surround Soundwhich offer clearer dialogue even during noisy scenes and a cinematic audio experience with a wider sound stage.

Furthermore, Creative Stage SE allows you to switch between warmer and brighter sound reproduction, thanks to the latest tone adjustment function.

Now you can tune and adjust the tonal neutrality to your liking with the push of a button.

For an uninterrupted listening experience, Creative Stage SE It features a simple setup plug-and-play which supports both USB digital audio and Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, the soundbar includes an integrated volume control knob, conveniently located on the side, that allows you to quickly adjust the sound, as well as a remote control to operate a variety of functions such as tone adjustment, surround and mode selection. Clear Dialog.

Creative Stage SE: Boost your PC audio!

Price and availability

Creative Stage SE is priced at €79.99 and is available on

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