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Tekken 8: Marshall Law protagonist of a new trailer

Marshall Law is the protagonist of a new trailer dedicated to Tekken 8. Let’s find out the details in this news

While the announcement of the 2023 edition of the tournament dedicated to Bandai Namco’s popular fighting game has once again inflamed the souls of the most competitive veterans of the series, many are anxiously waiting to be able to try the eighth chapter of the saga by hand, which seems very promising. Since its announcement, the game has shown itself on several occasions, showing off a quality level that seems to all intents and purposes very high. In the past few hours, to the delight of all the historical fans of the saga, the developers have released a new trailer in which it has been confirmed that Marshall Law will be present in the Tekken 8 roster.

Shown in a trailer the return of Marshall Law in Tekken 8

Only last month we were able to appreciate a video in which interesting completely new mechanics were revealed, which will be present in the brand new chapter of this historic saga. Now Tekken 8 has returned to show itself in yet another trailer, this time however focused on the roster, and in particular dedicated to a fighter who will in all respects make his return to the title: we are talking about Marshall Law.

Longtime fans know that this character has been present in almost all chapters of the fighting game, becoming one of the most iconic of the saga. Precisely for this reason, the confirmation of his return will only make many players happy. In the trailer, which you can view above, we see the wrestler try his hand at some of his most representative moves, and this, in all likelihood, will help increase the hype towards this new chapter.

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