Creative SXFI Carrier review: in the Olympus of soundbars

In this review we talk about the Creative SXFI Carrier, soundbar that certainly ranks among the top on the market for design and sound

Let’s go back to talking about soundbars, this time under examination there is Princess home Creative. In fact, we are talking about the SXFI Carrier, model between top on the market which we had the pleasure of trying. Below is the complete review that aims to convey the attention to detail and the audio quality of this product for sure non economic but extremely valid e performing.

Packaging and unboxing | Creative SXFI Carrier Review

Right from the start you feel you are dealing with a product with few frills: a lot of quality combined with an obsessive care also in packaging of the product. The box is very impressive, everything is carefully stored and well protected with polystyrene. Inside the package we find the following:

  • Soundbar Creative SXFI CARRIER
  • Subwoofer Creative SXFI CARRIER
  • Remote controller
  • AC adapter
  • AC cables
  • AAA batteries
  • Fast guide
  • Libretto Read Me First Super X-Fi
  • Warranty and other booklets

Creative SXFI Carrier review: in the Olympus of soundbars

Technical features

Let’s start with the physical dimensions, which are of 880 x 128 x 76 mm for a month of 3,6 kg (the subwoofer instead weighs well 12,8 kg). The nominal output powers are 250W for the soundbar and 200W for the subwoofer. Frequency response from 25Hz to 20kHz.

The soundbar is obviously equipped with Bluetooth 5 and has several inputs: 2 HDMI (one of which supports passthrough up to 8K 30Hz in 4: 2: 0 color format), optical cable e analog inputs auxiliaries. Also included is a USB input andSXFI exit plus a headphone output on the front panel.

First use and considerations | Creative SXFI Carrier Review

The product can be premium as much as you want, but a person who buys it wants it simplicity e ease of use. These are two paradigms definitely care about Creative who made a compact soundbar (smaller than a normal 50-inch TV) but that gives off a lot of power. For the combination and the first installation just plug in a cable HDMI or search for her via bluetooth and she is ready to work.


We’ve tried dozens of soundbars, but the real difference, I must say, is almost always the subwoofer. In this case we have one totally wireless, with driver da 10 ″ that pushes in an exaggerated way for a bedroom of a university student. Incredible extension, power and bass quality that I have rarely encountered in other similar models.

Various compatibility

To be honest, as a first feedback once the soundbar was unpacked, I was so amazed to see this many connectivity options all in one product. In fact, the most recent version of HDMI eARC, due 8K inputs that surely wink at a not so near future, headphone jack, bluetooth… It is really a pleasure to try a product so thoroughly and be spoiled for choice on the peripheral to use.

Support for HDR10, HDR10+ and full compatibility with Dolby Vision. It’s not over, because being a Creative product, the SXFI support. Here on you will already find the review of the Creative SXFI Theater, headphones that I have personally tried and which, combined with this soundbar, are able to offer a truly unprecedented audio experience.

Perhaps one of the few drawbacks of this excellent product is the incompatibility with voice assistants and with standards such as Wi-Fi. Although the use remains rather elitist, especially for a product of this range, we would like to say that it is one flaw which in any case stands out and weighs heavily.

Creative SXFI Carrier review: in the Olympus of soundbars

How does he feel? | Creative SXFI Carrier Review

We come to what is the crux of a review that talks about a soundbar. The audio, the sound experience you get by taking a product like this home with you. I was blown away by the quality audio with all possible inputs. In fact, even in bluetooth the quality remains very high. The alti I am precise, very well reproduced mids and basses… i basses are really out of my mind. The subwoofer is the one that most amazed me. Very warm, very precise and equalized (I would like to say amalgamated) on the soundbar’s audio track. The Dolby Vision it is certainly an extra gear for a product that is already excellent in itself.

At first glance I must admit that the physical dimensions anyway reduced of the soundbar initially puzzled me. In fact, it is difficult to introduce so much technology and quality in a small space. However not only the technological level is vertiginous, but also the effect home teather really succeeded and convincing.

Conclusions and prices | Creative SXFI Carrier Review

Many, many advantages for this Creative SXFI Carrier. Content and pleasant design, extremely full-bodied, precise, powerful audio. De is missedl Wi-Fi and support for voice assistants but undoubtedly remains an absolute top of the range. The price is objectively high, but still in line with products of the same range. We ultimately feel of to advise absolutely this product, to a’user obviously aware that you are buying a real one jewel in terms of quality and price.

What do you think of this Creative SXFI Carrier? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • Audio quality
  • Space-saving design
  • Input available
  • Excellent subwoofer
  • Dolby Vision

Points against

  • No Wi-Fi
  • It is not compatible with voice assistants
  • Slightly high price
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