One True Pairing: Archie and Betty’s best moments in Riverdale

One True Pairing: i migliori momenti di Archie e Betty in Riverdale

New appointment with One True Pairing: this time we talk about Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper in Riverdale

We know it well: Betty she is in love with Jug as well as Archie it is from Veronica. Despite this, Red and Ponytail share a special bond that has its roots in the days when the two were still children and already dreamed of getting married. We relive together with ours Top 10 their most romantic moments.

The best moments of Archie and Betty in Riverdale

1. Archie doesn’t feel worthy of Betty

Betty, who has always been in love with Arch, pushed by her friend Kevin decides to reveal her feelings to the boy. Archie rejects her, breaking her heart, however the motivation is anything but selfish: the redhead confesses that he does not feel worthy of her, and this is the reason why they cannot be together.

2. “I’ll never stop being Archie’s friend”

When it turns out in Riverdale that Archie was having an affair with his teacher, Miss Grundy, Alice wants Betty to end her friendship with the boy. Betty, then, immediately sets the record straight: “I’ll never stop being Archie’s friend,” she tells her angrily.

3. Endgame?

In the Season 1 finale, Archie asks Betty if she really likes the fact that he and Veronica are making a steady couple. “Part of me has always thought …” the red begins, but Betty immediately cuts him off by telling him that he and Ronnie have his blessing. It is very clear, however, how Archie’s sentence would continue: a part of him always thought that he and Betty would end up together.

4. The kiss

Archie and Betty try hard to find out who is behind the Black Hood mask. During a particularly eventful night in which the two friends decide to face the dangerous crime together, the fear of dying brings them closer and closer, so much so that Archie and Betty even manage to exchange a kiss.

5. Betty finds Archie

Archie manages to escape from prison where he was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The boy, injured and exhausted, is found by Betty, who takes him to the secret bunker and takes care of him.

6. Fiction or reality?

In order to solve the mystery of the Stonewall Prep, Betty and Archie pretend to be together. When the situation returns to normal, Cheryl asks her cousin if for her it was just a play or if, after all, those fake kisses have rekindled the old feelings never really faced.

7. Rehearsal of the musical

During rehearsals for the school musical, Betty, Archie, Veronica and Jughead decide to put up a band and perform on stage. But when Veronica and Jug don’t show up, Betty and Archie find themselves alone in rehearsals. At that moment, the long-dormant attraction takes over and the two share a passionate kiss.

8. Archie’s song

While still with Veronica, after the forbidden kiss, Archie can no longer get Betty out of his head. For this he puts his feelings in writing dedicating a love song to her:

There’s no warning when everything changes
You let down your guard, and I saw something strange
I thought, she’s not made for this world
And neither am I

‘Cause you make me wanna be
Stronger than I am
And maybe I’m reaching, misplacing a feeling
There’s no way to know but to try
So, give me tonight

I don’t know much
But I know this feels right
So, give me tonight
If you carry the torch
I’d follow the light
I’d follow the light

9. To the bunker

After the kiss, Arch and Betty continue to secretly see each other from Veronica and Jug. The sense of guilt devours them, so much so that the two decide almost immediately to stop the thing in the bud. Despite this, even just lying on the bed, side by side, and touching their hands becomes a moment of great joy for them.

10. The first time

Riverdale’s fifth season opens with a seven-year leap forward. The protagonists have now grown up and each of them has taken a different path. When a new mystery brings them back to town, Archie and Betty reunite and make love for the first time, finally voicing a desire that has been dormant for years.


Although the relationship between Arch and Betty has never been properly explored and it is not clear if the love that unites them is of a romantic type, there is no doubt that the two are soul mates and that they will always be there for each other. other.

In the comics from which Riverdale is based, after all, the love triangle formed by Betty, Veronica and Archie is one of the cornerstones of the narrative, and who knows if the writers of the series will not surprise us by having Archie and Betty end up together!