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Creative Zen Hybrid review: quality at the right price

In this review we will talk extensively about the brand new Creative Zen Hybrid, over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation

The world of headphones is always very varied and always offers new ideas to appreciate and study the new releases. We were lucky enough to get hold of the new ones Creative Zen Hybrid and for this we are ready to bring you into this review. The intent, as always, will be to transport you between the strengths and weaknesses of a product that, it is useless to hide, combines very well quality e prezzo.

Packaging and Unboxing | Creative Zen Hybrid Review

I particularly liked the packaging itself business card of the company. Treatment in the details and product protection as watchwords. The packaging is in white cardboard and all the main features of the product are mentioned. Opening the package, inside we find the headphones inside a comfortable fabric bag that allows you to keep them safe. In addition, a cable USB-A / USB-C exclusively for charging and a convenient cable TO 3.5 mm by one meter and twenty. The classic completes the contents of the package manual with a “quick start” also available online.

Technical features

Here is a rundown of the main technical characteristics that we consider fundamental for the choice of this product.

  • Custom Calibrated 40mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Frequency response from 20 to 20,000 kHz
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • 5 omnidirectional microphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Siri and Google Assistant support
  • 500mAh battery
  • An hour and a half is the time it takes for a full charge, but 5 minutes of charging are enough for 5 hours of playback
  • Headphone weight 270 grams

First use and considerations | Creative Zen Hybrid Review

I would start with purely aesthetic considerations. These Zen Hybrid I’m really well built, although they are almost exclusively in plastic they return a really good feedback and maintain a very low weight. This is an advantage that has repercussions not only in portability but also in wearability everyday. The pavilions are made of a material similar to memory-foam that adapt perfectly to the shapes of the head. They imprint one pressure enough to isolate from the loudest noises but at the same time not so loud as to bear annoyances o disturbances of any kind.

As soon as they were unpacked, I immediately turned them on and automatically entered the mode of pairing. I immediately connected them to my computer for a first listen and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. We will talk more about how they feel later on, but first it is important to understand the functions that these headphones offer. The keys are present on the right pavilion. We have the key power on and shutdown, the one to activate and deactivate the active noise removal (hybrid), the two keys of the volume e the jack input. When the headphones are disconnected from the device they were connected to, they automatically enter pairing mode and this is a feature that I particularly appreciated.

Hybrid Active Noise Removal

Among the particularly important functions that make these headphones certainly special is the hybrid active noise removal. Indeed Creative Zen Hybrid adopts both feedforward and feedback ANC which offer truly excellent removal quality. Of course, at any time, you can switch to ambient mode (just double click the ANC button), which it manages to to mitigate the effects of active noise cancellation very well and lends itself particularly when you are in Street or you want to chat with a friend.

How does she feel? | Creative Zen Hybrid Review

We come to the crucial paragraph, the one that many of you surely expected. These headphones do they feel truly bene, they manage in a very precise way to adapt to the musical genre you are listening to. In the acoustic songs there is certainly a prevalence of mids and highs, the instruments are all heard very much detailed e need. On the other hand, when you go to more pop and dance musical genres, even the basses are not long in coming and come back as present and strong as ever.

Creative Zen Hybrid they are also lucky enough to belong to the family SXFI READY, which allows users to savor the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio. This effect recreates the same experience in headphones thanks to computational audio to tailor the sound tailored to each person differently.

The main features | Creative Zen Hybrid Review

There are many reasons why I would choose this headset. Surely the sound performance and the no-frills aesthetic that never gets boring. But there are also other factors that honestly push me to recommend these headphones to you. In fact, I happened to use them on call or in some university conferences also to test the microphones. Calls are crystal clear and the outgoing audio remains truly clean even in the presence of noisy external sources.

There’s a built-in noise-canceling microphone, which prioritizes voice reception over ambient sounds during calls. You can also activate Siri o Google
Assistant simply by holding down the power button for two seconds. These results are guaranteed, too, by the Feedforward Mic which allows the elimination of unwanted sounds and from Feedback Mic instead placed inside each pavilion. The latter serves instead for to monitor listening to the user in such a way that the system ANC can respond and correct the signals consequentially.

Conclusions and price

Starting autonomy (up to 37 hours with the ANC disabled and up to 27 hours with the ANC enabled), switching from design and ending with the audio quality. You can see that they are mature headphones and presented by a serious and competent company. We are not talking about particularly expensive headphones, in fact the price on the site Creative is around the 110€. An honest price that I feel I can share as the quality offered is in line with the market. Features such as connection are missing multi-device or the absence of proximity sensors on the pavilions, which in any case are justified by a not so high price. In conclusion, a product that is recommended above all for its comfort, ease of use and quality itself. For travelers or simply workers who spend a lot of time on transportation can definitely prove to be a great buy.

What do you think of these Creative Zen Hybrid? Let us know with a comment below and keep following to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Points in favor

  • Audio quality
  • Portability
  • Design
  • ANC Hebrew

Points against

  • No multi-device pairing
  • Absence of proximity sensors

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