Crimson Desert: The title has been postponed

The adventure of Pearl Abyss, prequel to Black Desert Online, will have to wait: postponed Crimson Desert, promising open world title

The Pearl Abyss development team announced that postponing Crimson Desert. The decision to postpone the Black Desert Online prequel was announced in a tweet, which we will report and paraphrase below. In the title we should have accompanied Macduff, son of Martinus, in his adventure in the continent of Pywel together with the mercenaries who will be his companions in fortune. The world in which medieval fantasy is set has been torn apart by war, contributing to the title’s “crimson desert”: as the slogan promises, it is a saga “written in blood”.

No wild predictions if Crimson Desert is postponed

In their post, the guys from Pearl Abyss said they had postponed Crimson Desert precisely for the benefit of the same community that welcomed it with open arms at the last Game Awards. Precisely for this reason, in fact, the hard work of the development team led the game to expand more than expected, which is why Pearl Abyss has decided to postpone its release. You can see for yourself the post in the original language below to get an idea of ​​the mixture of disappointment and enthusiasm with which the team communicated their decision. There are good reasons behind this painful choice.

In an increasingly toxic behind-the-scenes climate for developers, Pearl Abyss has opted not to over-overload its employees. The press release continues with the desire to leave free rein to new ideas that continue to expand the game dramatically, promising a definitive roadmap in the future. The post ends by wishing us and our families the best possible health: this is a wish that we heartily reciprocate. Although without specific dates, the development team has given us an appointment in Pywel.

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