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Technology is able, among other things, to help us where there is most need and the home is certainly the place that lends itself best. Entering specifically, the second door on the right, the kitchen encompasses different spheres of living at home: health, nutrition, sociability and so on. And it is the kitchen that houses the vast majority of household appliances for daily use. Among them, we can now add the new multicooker Turbo Express di Crockpot created specifically to make you cook well and in a short time and this is his review.

Our review of Crockpot’s Turbo Express multicooker

Thanks to Crockpot we were able to test the potential of this functional multicooker equipped with 14 functions including super fast mode, which gives it its name. But let’s start with order!

Technical specifications

  • Capacity 5,6 lt
  • Power 1400W
  • Dimensions 38 x 30 x h 30
  • Weight 6Kg


Let’s start by saying that Crockpot’s Turbo Express multicooker keeps the design standard of household appliances of this type enhanced by the use of high quality materials. The main body is characterized by a metallic gray where the Display e i pulsanti soft-touch to select the modes, time, temperature and so on.

Inside we find a solid metal body where is the heating base which will house the actual pot from 5.6 liters also in non-stick metal. Inside we also find practical units of measurement marked in low relief to calculate the capacity directly with the pot itself.

The lid maintains the standards of the pot. The inside is in metal while the outside in hard black plastic. In addition to the handle that allows us to lift it with ease, we find the Bobber valvethe steam release valve and the ring for adjusting the steam release. Elements that, as we will see later, affect steam and pressure cooking.

In the package we also find an instruction booklet, a condensate collector, a plastic spoon and a steam rack, as well as, of course, the power cable.

Technology and functions

The true magic of multicooker Turbo Express takes place inside thanks to pressure cooking and 14 preset options that adapt best to your needs. The functions, indicated in English, are divided between the traditional ones and those specific for pressure cooking.

Traditional functions include: Beown / Saute (gilding), Simmer (blanching), Under a vacuum (Vacuum packed), YogurtSlow Cook (Cooking lenta), Keep Warm (Keep food warm). The specific ones for pressure cooking are: ManualSteam (Steam powered), Rice/Grains (Rice), Meat/Poultry, (Carne) Beans/Chili (Beans), Soup/Stew (Soups), DessertSterile (Sterilization). To these is also added the Turbo Pressure function with which it is possible accelerate further cooking food, saving up to 40% of time. Each function is self-explanatory and at the simple push of a button we will have dishes inherent to that cooking always at the top and ready in a short time. The display will also give us an idea of ​​the cooking time and temperature. Other buttons allow you to start or stop cooking, increase or decrease time and pressure, for example using the manual mode, or start the cooking. function delay”To automatically start the pot when you want.

Turning to the lid, the steam release knob is easy to use and is also positioned on the side of the lid so as to keep your hands safely away from the jet of steam. Last but not least, cleaning the pot will be very simple thanks to its non-stick function and the possibility of putting it in the washing machine and being helped, once again, by technology.

Our test of the Turbo Express multicooker

Over the past few months, we’ve been putting the Crockpot Turbo Express Multicooker to the test to savor, pass the pun, the possibilities of this product. Let’s start by saying that the password of this Multicooker is Versatility. The available modes are more than enough to cook most of the dishes of our fantastic Mediterranean cuisine but it will take some time before they can be fully understood.. If you are new to the world of multicookers, this model will present a challenge.

The instruction booklet is clear and complete and will be the ideal ally in the first cooking attempts but it is quite anachronistic compared to the latest tech trends. We have longed for an app to connect to our multicooker to have recipes, tips and more on hand, but this is not the case. On the other hand, a good dose of patience and reading, also supported by some recipes available on the Multicooker website, can yield tasty fruits.

We have tested our skills by trying to cook simple but always effective recipes such as roast chicken where he risotto with pecorino cheese. It goes without saying that the first attempts were very clumsy and full of doubts but despite this, the final result was more than satisfactory. Cooking is uniform, fast and precise and even if, at least initially, you will not be able to better manage the positioning of the dishes or the release of the work, in a very short time you will become excellent multi-cooks.

Crockpot’s Turbo Express multicooker review at a glance: Speed, versatility and simplicity

Speed, versatility and simplicity are the keywords when it comes to Crockpot’s Turbo Express multicooker. The initial discomfort due to a not exactly user-friendly learning mode (especially for young people), they don’t have to scare you. In a short time you will realize that “at the push of a single button” is a reality and not a simple saying.

In our case, what the Turbo Express multicooker managed to do, in addition to satisfying us, was also eliminating the unnecessary doubts about pressure cookers and the risks associated with them that circulate. No explosive pot awaits you at the gate, just delicious food prepared quickly and independently.

Crockpot’s 5.6 liter Turbo Express multicooker is available for € 99.99.

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