Crockpot svela Multicooker Turbo Express

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Crockpot has officially unveiled the new powerful Multicooker Turbo Express with pressure cooking and well 14 preset options. It is a complete product and able to cook different dishes to perfection, offering high efficiency and a lot of versatility in the kitchen. All the preset functions of Crockpot’s new pressure cooker are highly intuitive and can be activated with a simple button. The pot also has dedicated functions and can sterilize baby bottles, jars of preserves and much more.

Introducing Crockpot’s new Multicooker Turbo Express

Crockpot’s new Multicooker Turbo Express pressure cooker offers many opportunities to users. Thanks to the function Turbofor example, it is possible to speed up the cooking of food. In this way you can save about 40% of the time. With function under a vacuum, ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and much more, it is possible to keep the heated water at a constant temperature, between 24 and 90 degrees. With function slow cookinstead, it is possible to cook slowly, ideal for soups, sauces and meat.

The main features

Crockpot’s Multicooker Turbo Express features a capacity of 5.6 liters and is ideal for preparing dishes for over 7 people. The pot is equipped with a digital panel with display and status bar for heating. Note that there is also the timer to delay departure and the function for keep ready meals warm. The pot also is dishwasher safe.