Gli Smart TV LG attiveranno la Filmmaker Mode in automatico su Prime Video thumbnail

LG Smart TVs will activate Filmmaker Mode on Prime Video

LG Smart TVs will automatically activate Filmmaker Mode on Prime Video thumbnail

LG announced the release of a new update which will allow owners of one Smart TV LG UHD 4K or 8K from 2020 or from 2021 to be able to automatically watch movies and TV series on Prime Video in Filmmaker Mode. This particular mode was created by the UHD Alliance to ensure the best UHD content viewing experiences. This mode has been available on LG TVs since 2020.

Filmmaker Mode will be activated automatically with Prime Video on LG TVs

Automatic activation of Filmmaker Mode on LG TVs affects the 4K and 8K HD models with WebOS 5.0 and WebOS 6.0 of 2020 and 2021. The user must not intervene in any way. The TV will activate this display mode by setting the various parameters when the Prime Video app is used and compatible content will be displayed.

How this viewing mode works

The Filmmaker Mode automatically disables all image processing settings that can make movies look unnatural. This mode keeps the original aspect ratio, colors and frame rate unchanged. Thanks to this mode, therefore, the viewing experience will be more authentic. Note that the blacks will be deeper and the contrast will be improved.

The display mode was created by UHD Alliance. This organization is made up of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, film and television studios, content distributors, and technology companies

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