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Crosscall Core-Z5, 5G smartphone guaranteed for 5 years

Crosscall announces his new smartphone 5Gthe resistant CoreZ5capable of withstanding all circumstances and unique on the market in having one full 5 year warranty. A product designed to last, for any eventuality.

Crosscall Core-Z5, the new 5G smartphone guaranteed for 5 years

A smartphone that looks to the future and will stay with you for a long time. Indeed Crosscall has enhanced this smartphone with a processor Octa-Core Qualcomm QCM6490 which allows you to enable 5G, so that it does not become obsolete in the next five years of use.

The smartphone has certification AER (Android Enterprise Recommended), meeting high security and update standards. But it also has the endurance of the military standard MIL-STD-810H: resists all temperatures, can be dropped from 2 meters onto hard surfaces and is impervious to water, waste oil, corrosive products.


In short, the type of product suitable for any worker, no matter how tough the job. Also because with 44 hours of talk time and the ability to charge 50% of the battery in 42 minutes, it’s always ready for action. Via USB-C, you can recharge this smartphone up to 800 cycles, to last for years.

In addition to the five-year warranty, the new Core-Z5 has a repairability rate of 9.1 out of 10. In short, a device capable of lasting a long time.

But without giving up everything you are looking for in a smartphone. Like a screen from 6,08 pollici HDwith technology Glove Touch to work even with gloves. It also has a 48MP camera with Fusion4 technology for 4K shots. In addition, it has walkie-talkie functionality with a powerful speaker and GPS accurate up to three meters.

You can buy this smartphone here or in stores at the price of 899,90 euro.

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