Google will give us all the football of the 2022 World Cup minute by minute

How to unlock Mini Cup: the “hidden” World Cup mini-game on Google

How to unlock Mini Cup: the "hidden" World Cup mini-game on Google thumbnail

Arrives today Mini Cupa new Google gimmick which, as often happens at global events, has introduced a small game dedicated to the World Cup. Using the consolidated formula of the easter egg, to access Mini Cup it is necessary to carry out a specific search on Google.

The game comes just to coincide with the start of the controversial Qatar 2022 football world cup, with the inaugural ceremony and the first match taking place yesterday. But how to unlock the game? We explain it to you.

How to access the google game on the soccer world cup

The game is deliberately hidden in the search engine and, to access it, it will be necessary to enter keywords in Google search. First of all Mini Cup is only available on mobile (iOS and Android), so the following procedures will not apply to desktop.

What you need to do is:

  • Open the Google search engine on your smartphone/tablet
  • Search using one of the following keywords: Qatar 2022, World Cup, World Cup, Coppa of world.
  • Click on the white ball icon on a blue background that will appear at the bottom right of the results (see screenshot below)

Google MiniCup

Touching the icon will introduce you to the Mini Cup: you can choose one of the scheduled matches and challenge the opposing goalkeeper (controlled by the CPU) to a series of penalty kicks. Missing a penalty will be almost impossible and the challenge is to be able to score as many goals in a row, challenging your own personal best each time.

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Mini Cup is just one of the many initiatives that Google has launched on the occasion of Qatar 2022. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more strategic challenges, try the Fantasy World Championship.

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