Crossfire: Legion is available in early access for next-gen consoles

Crossfire: Legion è disponibile in early access per console next-gen thumbnail

Inspired by classic RTS, Crossfire: Legion it presents itself as a modern game, set in a society on the brink, torn by internal conflicts and rival factions fighting to make their ideologies prevail. The game is already available in early access on Steam and on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

Players will be able to choose between 45 units, including air / ground, transport, infantry and much more) and between 6 commanders with their own unique characteristics. The aim will be to create and customize your army, managing its resources and consolidating your positions on the map. The ultimate goal is total domination over the other armies

The new trailer for Crossfire: Legion

The game is characterized by a strong narrative campaign, in addition to strategic and competitive aspects. In fact, each of the six commanders will have unique abilities, which can make the difference between a victory or a ruinous defeat. It will be up to individual players to maximize these special features, to subvert the tide of the conflict. However, the release of early access is only the first step, as subsequent releases of the UGC tools and competitive tournaments supported by ESL have already been announced.

“Crossfire: Legion is a classically inspired RTS, what sets it apart are the magical touches of macro-strategy with army, map and game customization.” Said Maurice Grela, Game Designer at Blackbird Interactive. “We are thrilled to finally bring it into Early Access and can’t wait to hear what gamers who have grown up with RTS or are just (re) discovering the genre think. We were missing those types of games and we designed Crossfire: Legion with them in mind! “