Cloud server: let’s find out what it is and what advantages it offers

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The cloud server can be a very interesting opportunity for companies that want high-level performance and are not satisfied

The so-called cloud server It is a very interesting opportunity for companies wishing to put a new website online: more and more providers offer solutions cloud serveras is the case with Flamenetworks, let’s find out what it is.

Server: traditional solutions

Traditionally, two different solutions are available for the company that wants to put a new site online: the first is to get a hosting service by interfacing with a provider, the second is to have a proprietary server.

Between the two, there is no doubt, the first is far more widespread: by purchasing a hosting service the site is actually hosted in the infrastructures of a provider (“to host”, in fact, in English means “to host”) and it is therefore up to the latter to guarantee an optimal and continuous service.

If an Internet site is entrusted to a provider through the purchase of a hosting service, the customer does not have to worry about anything except, of course, to pay for it: it is possible to choose between many different packages, however the hosting services have, in all cases, of decidedly affordable costs.

Equip yourself with a server owned, therefore of a physical infrastructure that will be hosted on their premises, is a solution that companies choose to pursue that intend to ensure performance at the highest levels; managing a proprietary server can be ideal, for example, where extreme IT security is required, or if you have to manage Internet sites that usually receive a much higher than average amount of excesses on a daily basis.

Although performing, managing proprietary servers is a solution that has disadvantages, above all the fact of having to independently provide for the technical management of the infrastructure.

In the event that a breakdown should occur, the company should independently provide, as well as in the shortest possible time, to repair it, and obviously there are certainly not many companies that can boast in their organization chart of professionals able to deal with with success of similar operations.

It must also be considered that managing a proprietary server costs are exponentially higher than the classic hosting package, without considering the fact that when an entire server is used it very often happens that many resources remain unused, therefore that they go wasted.

Even from an economic point of view, therefore, that of the proprietary server cannot be said to be a particularly efficient solution.

The modern cloud server

The cloud server can be a very interesting opportunity for companies that want high-level performance and are therefore not satisfied with the simple hosting package.

It can be said that the cloud server is able to make the benefits of server ownership with the convenience of outsourced hostinglet’s find out, albeit in broad terms, what it is.

The cloud server behaves like a private server which, however, is still managed by the provider, which means that the performances are very high although no technical task is required.

Not only that: while, as seen, in the private server it is very frequent that there is a waste of resources, which inevitably translates into an economic waste, the cloud server is a “scalable” product, which means that it constantly adapts to the needs of the moment guaranteeing an optimal service, but without the customer having to pay for what he did not use.

The cloud server is therefore a modern and very interesting solution, which many companies have already chosen to take advantage of.

In addition to its efficiency, the cloud server deserves to be considered optimal also from the point of view of IT security.