Crossover between Marvel and DC? Discussions in progress

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In a recent interview, James Gunn confirmed that, in the future, a crossover between Marvel and DC would be possible. Let’s find out the details

We cannot deny it, by now the world of cinema has become an unpredictable territory, capable of always creating new and unimaginable projects. Just a few months ago, for example, the idea of ​​a Harry Potter reboot seemed unthinkable; now instead we talk about nothing else. It is probable that this news will also have to leave room for another news, launched a few days ago. James Gunn he has in fact returned to talking about possibilities crossover between the Marvel and DC universes. Let’s find out what the director would have said about it.

Crossover between Marvel and DC?  Discussions in progress

The words of James Gunn | Crossover between Marvel and DC? Discussions in progress

On the occasion of the cinema release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3scheduled for 5 maggio, James Gunnfrom 1 November 2022 co-president, co-administrator e creative director of DC Studios, he returned to talk about the possibility of doing a crossover between Marvel and DC. Here are his words:

Surely, now that I’m in charge of DC a meeting between the two universes is more likely to happen. The years of work that await us are many and even if for now we would like to focus on the DC world, never say never. I’d be lying if I said we’ve never talked about it, even though they have been very light and funny discussions.

This does not mean that Gunn does not consider the creation of this crossover a real possibility. This is also thanks to the friendship that binds him to the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feigewith whom he maintains healthy relationships, which allow him to discuss these possibilities.

I think there is a possibility to create this crossover; that would be a fun thing to see. But I also think the important thing is to focus on making both the Marvel and DC universes strong. Kevin Feige and I are good friends, we talk constantly and this is probably the crossover that I love the most. The rivalry between Marvel and DC will always be there, but the important thing for me is to encourage the cinematic experience.

Time to time

Another element that bodes well is the fact that Kevin Feige has also confessed that the possibility of this crossover should not be ruled out. Surely this would be great news for lovers of this genre, who probably can’t wait to see their favorites all together in the same film. Who knows if this idea will ever see the light, turning into something more concrete, of course such a project would require many years of work. We at do not lose hope that one day all this will really happen!

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