Crown Trick: PS4 and Xbox One version available

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Team17 and NExT Studios have announced the launch on Xbox One and PS4 of the roguelike adventure Crown Trick, following its launch on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020. Crown Trick offers synchronized turn-based combat with enemies and traps that only react to player action. In the role of She, a combination of skill, magic, weapons and strategic thinking will be required to escape the procedural underground labyrinths of the Nightmare Realm.

The game is already available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Crown Trick arrives on PS4 and Xbox One

In Crown Trick we will enter a labyrinth that will follow our movements step by step in which we will be forced to master all the elements to defeat the enemies and discover the mysteries of this underworld. Let yourself be guided by the power of the crown and let the nightmare world swallow you, it could be worth it, if you can adapt to the unpredictable.

This is the premise of Crown Trick, a enchanting RPG with a unique style that manages to mix many different styles without ever being banal or confusing. The game also has roguelike mechanics, making it extremely replayable and fun to play when you only have a few minutes of free time.

Here are the main features of Crown Trick:

  • Addictive Strategic Gameplay: monsters and traps only move when the player moves; carefully thought out strategies are the key to escaping the maze.
  • Fight as you want– Create and develop a unique fighting style with over 40 active skills, over 60 passive skills, over 30 usable items, and over 170 special relics. These elements create different ways to overcome encounters with opponents.
  • Learn from enemies: Collect elite familiar skills by overcoming the enemies that lurk deep within each dungeon.
  • Different dungeons every time: Procedurally generated maze grants players unique experiences every time they enter the realm of nightmare.
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