Epson confirms its commitment to inkjet printers

Epson conferma il suo impegno verso le stampanti inkjet thumbnail

Despite HP’s withdrawal from the inkjet market, Epson reiterates its interest in this technology, and that it will continue in this direction. The farewell of the competitor could allow the company to increase its market share in the sector.

HP’s thermal inkjet technology is in fact different from that used by Epson, which is the PrecisionCore cold. This is still the perfect solution for businesses, who want to print sustainably and save money. It will therefore not abandon the segment to devote itself only to laser printers as HP has chosen instead.

Epson’s choice is absolutely justified, both from a point of view corporate (can take advantage of the absence of a huge rival) that technological, being able to effectively count on efficient devices. Massimo Pizzocri explained in detail Epson’s behavior and the reasons behind the commercial choice linked, as mentioned, also to technological reasons.

Massimo Pizzocri’s words on Epson’s inkjet printers and the company’s choice

Massimo Pizzocri, Chief Executive Officer of Epson Italy, he has declared:

“Our inkjet technology differs from that used by HP – we will continue to support the benefits of our proprietary PrecisionCore cold technology. This new market condition offers Epson and our channel partners a great opportunity for growth ”.

“We believe – continues Pizzocri – that our technology makes concrete the future of sustainable printing in the office. Companies are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions and Epson’s inkjet responds to these needs: together we can finally reduce the ecological footprint by reducing energy requirements and waste production ”.

He then concluded the speech with these words:

“At Epson we are 100% confident in our choice and are fully committed to our PrecisionCore cold technology and to our channel partners.”

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