Crowned the strongest players at the 2022 Pokémon World Championships

Incoronati i giocatori più forti ai Campionati Mondiali di Pokémon 2022 thumbnail

I 2022 Pokémon World Championships ended after four days of intense friendly fights and competition in London, so it’s time to find out all the winners. Let’s find out all the details together.

Pokémon World Championships 2022: here are the winners

I best Coaches from around the world gathered at the annual event to compete in the main video game tournament he was born in Pokémon Trading Card Game. This year, tournaments of Pokémon Spada and Pokémon Scudoof Pokémon Trading Card Gamefrom Pokémon GO, Pokkén Tournament DX e Pokémon UNITE.

On official site you can find the list of winners divided by categories.

Also, during the closing ceremony, they were unveiled new information on the highly anticipated games Scarlet Pokémon e Violet Pokémon including a new one Pokémonan in-depth study of the phenomenon Teracristal and so on. The series was also announced during the event Scarlet and Violet of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), coming in 2023. Finally, during the closing ceremony it was announced that the city of Yokohamain Japan, will host i 2023 Pokémon World Championships.

Below we present the news revealed during the event.

A new Pokémon: Cyclizar

Cyclizar coexists with the people of Paldea since ancient times. It is mild in nature and it is common to see it carry people on its back. It seems that Cyclizar doesn’t mind doing this, as the transporter’s body temperature helps it fight the cold.

  • Category: Mount Pokémon
  • Type: Dragon / Normal
  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Weight: 63.0 kg
  • Skills: Muta Take on Coaches from around the world with the Battle Stadium feature

Furthermore, the Lotte Competitive, already featured in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, will make their return in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Players will also be able to battle in the modes Friendly Fight and Online Races.

Mastering the Teracristal phenomenon during fights

The teracrystallization it is a phenomenon that occurs in the Paldea region and makes Pokémon bright and shiny like gems. The main function of the teracrystallization during a struggle is that of transform a Pokémon’s type into teratype.

A Pokémon’s teratype is not visible until it becomes crystallized, which can help players surprise opponents.

Terascoppio is a Normal-type move that can be learned using a MT. When used by a Teracrystallized Pokémon, its type becomes teratipo del Pokémon. Terascoburst deals damage based on Attack or Special Attack, whichever is higher.

Finally, new tools were introduced, including:

  • The Charcoal Leaf:
    • Disposable tool that allows you to own the stat increases of an opposing Pokémon.
  • The Company:
    • Cloak with hood that hides the wearer, protecting him from the additional effects of the moves suffered.
  • The souped dice:
    • If a Pokémon with this item uses a multicolored move, it will be more likely to land more hits.