Cruelty: previews of stage costumes

Cruella is the Disney live-action starring Emma Stone that traces the origins of the villain of The 101 Dalmatians. Let’s find out the preview images of the scene costs.

There is great anticipation for Cruella, the Disney live-action starring Emma Stone, who plays the villian among the most feared in the Disney world, that is Crudelia De Mon de La Carica dei 101. A character as bad as it is fascinating in his appearance, in his way of dressing and in his style.

Cruelty: Entertainment Weekly previews stage costumes

To celebrate this style, Entertainment Weekly has released a preview of some unpublished images of the behind the scenes of the production of the film, with details on the costumes and the comparison on how they will look and the artists who made them at work.

The images reveal beautiful dresses, in which the fashion look and appearance is very neat and is also in line with the plot of the film, because the protagonist, Estella is a girl of humble origins who works as a stylist for Baroness von Hellman, here played by Emma Thompson.

You can also see the perfect style of that period, a 70s London in full punk-rock revolution, in which Estella will cause a sensation with provocative looks and which will then lead her to be called Cruella.

Excellent conditions for this new live-action that will be distributed on the Disney Plus platform on May 18, 2021 and will therefore be available on demand and if possible also in cinemas.