Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Helping Spirits event

A new event, this time smaller, involves the Spirits of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: all the “Helpers in relationship” are called

It wouldn’t be a Wednesday without a preview, and this time it will be the again Spirits the protagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. To tell the truth, on this occasion we will have to make one more explanation, so we will take the opportunity to flesh out our guide to the game a little. The theme of the event that will affect the Spirits board from the day after tomorrow, Friday 23 April, until the early hours of Monday 26, it is in fact “Helpers to report”, Where a very specific type of Spirits will be the master. We allude to what in the Monster Hunter Rise event we called “support”.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Helping Spirits Short Guide

You should know that the Spirits protagonists of this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event boast the same characteristic. To enjoy their skills, in fact, it is necessary to create a Team (in the adventure mode or just before starting a fight on the Board) in which one Fighting spirit provides some hex slot. Once this is done, you can equip the fighting spirit with support ones based on the available slots (there are exceptions such as Akuma, which does not allow you to equip helpers). Various combinations can thus be created.

Of course, the Spirit Board only displays a maximum of ten elements at a time, and this is where the prize up for grabs from this event comes into play. With “All helpers”It is possible to replace all the elements on the board with as many chosen at random, but united by their nature as helpers. Beyond this weekend, we advise future readers to resort to alternative methods to obtain the tool: you can occasionally find it in the in-game store (which does not use microtransactions, it is now good to specify it). The other way is to resort to bundles for Nintendo Switch Online members, which are much rarer. In the absence of this tool, you will have to wait for the board to update (every five minutes, or fifteen for Legends).

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