Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are among the most desired Christmas gifts

Criptovalute e asset digitali sono tra i regali di Natale più desiderati thumbnail

Can cryptocurrencies be the right gift for Christmas? According to a survey conducted by OnePool on behalf of Bitpanda in Italy, 66% of respondents would start investing in the sector. Young people prove to be the most interested with 67.5% of Millennials and Generation Z confirming their interest. This percentage drops to 55% after the age of 55. Cryptocurrencies and digital assets can make great Christmas gifts. Bitpanda highlighted five reasons that confirm this trend. For this Christmas, choosing to give a digital asset could represent a particular and certainly welcome gift.

The reasons why cryptocurrencies and digital assets are among the most desired Christmas gifts

The first reason is theincrease in value. Unlike other gifts, in fact, cryptocurrencies can take on a greater value after Christmas. This gift also allows you to discover a dynamic and constantly growing market which can have positive effects on people’s lifestyle. Choosing cryptocurrencies as a Christmas gift is also a way to improve financial education in a world that continues to evolve. Cryptocurrencies sono a “stress-free” gift and they do not invade people’s lives unlike material goods. Digital assets are a key to the metaverse, the future evolution of the Internet.

Bitpanda’s comment

Orlando Merone, Country Manager of Bitpanda in Italy, points out: “Gen-Z members are becoming a huge audience and they are interested in everything that happens in this world. It is therefore not surprising that for many of them the classic Christmas gifts have given way to digital assets, versatile and useful for improving their financial education. We often hear that electronic payments, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are destined to dominate the economic trends of the future, but if for some digital assets still represent something to associate with the future, we can say that for many young people these are already the present “