Yeedi vac hybrid review: a further step forward?

In this article we will see the review of Yeedi vac hybrid another version of the famous robot that sucks and washes autonomously

We now know the brand very well and have learned to appreciate its merits through the reviews of Yeedi 2 hybrid and Yeedi vac max. I did not mention these two products by chance as I believe that this new version is exactly between the two products just mentioned.

So let’s find out how Yeedi vac hybrid behaves through this review.

Yeedi vac hybrid review: a further step forward?

Packaging e design | Recensione Yeedi vac hybrid

In terms of aesthetics, there are very few differences from the previous model. White reigns supreme and allows us to place our vacuum cleaner in any corner of the house, provided there is an electrical outlet, without having to hide it in a closet. The dimensions also remain (almost) unchanged and there is no space problem.

In the package we obviously find the robotic vacuum cleaner, a cloth for washing and the charging dock.

Packaging sparser than the Vac max but which obviously also finds a lower price to justify the choice.

The right power and still a single side brush | Yeedi vac hybrid review

As we have seen in the last product launched (vac max) Yeedi decided to use only one side brush instead of two, obviously combined with the central brush that collects the dust in the tank.

Despite the slightly lower power which returns to 2500 Pa, also in this case we did not miss the second brush. The side brush can easily work in harmony with the central one, offering a more than satisfactory overall cleaning. The dimensions remain almost unchanged which makes the robot agile and allows it to safely avoid obstacles.

A great strength of the Yeedi series is certainly that it has managed to contain the height of its floor cleaning robots. Staying with a lower profile you can get under the furniture, under the sofas and in all those places where it is difficult to clean without having to move the furniture or lowering.

In a nutshell, in addition to the convenience of being able to do the cleaning staying comfortable on the sofa, it is also possible to improve the cleaning without stressing unnecessarily.

We also find the increase in carpet suction. This function introduced with vac Max had immediately conquered us and we can not help but return to praise it also in this new Yeedi guise.

At the beginning of the review or inserted this Yeedei Vac hybrid between Hybrdi due and vac max. I chose to interpose it between the two because it has a package with a slightly less articulated number of accessories and a power of 2500 Pa exactly like the Yeedi hybrid 2 but has only one brush and new features (such as the carpet suction increase) exactly. like Yeedi vac max.

For washing? | Yeedi vac hybrid review

Even in the washing phases we have nothing to complain about our Yeedi vac max. Like the previous model, it can clean surfaces even with simple water.

As mentioned earlier the lack of a brush and the lower power compared to previous models is not a problem. Obviously with vac max cleaning is slightly better and the time taken is certainly benefiting from the greater power.

Despite the slightly better times, however, the autonomy of the Yeedi vac hybrid, which is about two hours, remains more than sufficient. Of course, there remains the function of returning to the charging dock to recharge the battery and finish cleaning at a later time.

Yeedi vac hybrid review: a further step forward?

Who should buy it?

In conclusion, this new version that plays the role of compromise leaves us the possibility of having the right agreement between expenditure and yield. Giving up a little power and taking into account the latest innovations, Yeedi has managed to introduce a vacuum cleaner capable of giving great satisfaction while keeping the price low..

The great strength of this floor cleaning robot is to offer a solid and well-established ecosystem.

Obviously the top of the range boasts greater power and a slightly better autonomy but if you want to save a hundred euros and still have a more than valid product with this new entry in the Yeedi family it is possible.

Points in favor

  • A more advantageous price
  • The right compromise between two realities
  • Sufficient suction power …

Points against

  • … albeit slightly lower
  • Few accessories supplied