Cryptocurrency trading: with the bot it’s easier

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Using cryptocurrency trading bots is a very easy way to try to make money, without too much effort. Let’s see how!

Cryptocurrency trading can be very profitable, but it is also a very complex process. If you want to monetize immediately, without waiting for years, in fact, you have to take advantage of the market micro-fluctuations. This involves making many small operations every day to try to capture the value created by these small fluctuations. It takes a lot of time and effort. With the trading bot you can do all of this without having to lift a finger.

Cryptocurrency trading: with the bot it's easier

Bot trading

An automated trading system (STA) is nothing more than a program that is capable of perform financial transactions repetitively and much faster than any human being. It is therefore a very powerful tool to exploit the temporary fluctuations of the market and beyond. By inserting the most suitable strategy into the program, it will automatically and quickly perform all the operations necessary to carry it out.

To date, a large part of financial transactions are the work of STA carefully planned. We can safely say that the financial industry is based on the trading bot. Usually these tools are exploited by the big players in the sector, however today they are increasingly spreading even among small investors who can access them via the web. An example is bitsgap which allows you to do bot trading with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading: with the bot it's easier

Bitsgap: making money with cryptocurrencies effortlessly

The Bitsgap platform offers several algorithms and strategies for cryptocurrency training. For example we have i GRID Bot who try to exploit the fluctuations of the market by buying and selling according to the price ranges that we will define. We then have the DCA (or “Dollar Cost Averaging”) that allow you to execute transactions when certain conditions occur, regardless of the price. For example, we can decide to buy when the value of one cryptocurrency falls below the value of another. Or when a local minimum is reached. Then there are trading bots to manage the derivative products from cryptovalute come i futures.

Cryptocurrency trading: with the bot it's easier

Bitsgap offers a 7-day demo to test the service which among other things also includes services for monitor the performance of the portfolio or tools of advanced trading. The trading bot allows you to earn 24/7 without having to always be in front of the screen. As you may have understood, however, finding the right strategy and setting it up is not easy. That’s why there is also one demo mode which allows us to simulate with a virtual account everything you can do with real money. This mode allows beginners to train and study or the more experienced to test new strategies.

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