Crystar confirmed for Nintendo Switch: appointment in the spring

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NIS America announced that Crystar, a stock GDR of FURYU CORPORATION, will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022. Rei and Mirai are two sisters who are suddenly drawn into a mysterious world known as Purgatory, where otherworldly monsters are hiding. It is in this strange realm that Rei not only discovers a hidden power that allows her to fight, but consequently leads her to ruin as she loses control and accidentally kills her sister Mirai.

Crystar arrives on Nintendo Switch by next spring

Overwhelmed by pain and despair, King she is approached by the Demons who offer her a sinister contract: to serve as their executioner and free the Purgatory from the corrupt monsters that plague them, and in return they will grant her the means to revive her sister.

Crystar transports you to a gloomy world where lost souls dwell and your tears empower you. Meet a cast of unique playable characters and use their strengths to challenge deranged hordes of Specters and Revenants. Discover yours Tear Gauge into battle and use it to summon powerful Guardians by your side. Through four playable characters, Crystar allows players to make the most of each character’s unique structure and abilities, highlighting their personalities and story.

The main playable characters are:

  • King, the protagonist of the game who wishes to revive the sister she killed.
  • Kokoro, a woman driven by revenge for the loss of the man and child she loves.
  • Its, a young girl who fights in Purgatory to pursue the justice she believes in.
  • I had, a humanoid Revenant obsessed with Rei and shrouded in mystery.

Here are the main features of the game:

  • Rei Resurrected: Experience the definitive version of this beloved title for the first time on Nintendo Switch, complete with all previously released content.
  • Purgatory awaits you: Move from the real world to the realm of lost souls as you search for a way to revive your fallen sister. Meet the demon-bound inhabitants of Purgatory and use their powers to fight against corrupt hordes of Specters and Revenants.
  • From tears to triumph: Eliminate enemies to accumulate Torments, purify them to collect Sentiments for battle, and fill the Tear Gauge via combat to summon powerful Guardians and your full potential.
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