The Google Nest Cam is included in the EOLO PIÙ All Inclusive package

La Google Nest Cam è inclusa nel pacchetto Tutto Incluso di EOLO PIÙ thumbnail

EOLO, industry leader in FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) ultra-broadband connectivity, collaborates with Google to bring technology into the homes of Italians. The partnership between the two companies will allow users who choose EOLO to take advantage of one of the most interesting devices in the Google range. Until next October 31st, in fact, the Google Nest Cam will be included for free with the EOLO PIU ‘All Inclusive package.

EOLO and Google together to bring technology to Italian homes

The Nest Cam (for indoors, with cable) is the new video camera recently launched by Google. The device allows you to keep an eye on the house even remotely and has a design that can adapt to indoor environments. The camera includes a Machine Learning program capable of sending the user only notifications of real interest. Of note is the presence of an HDR camera with night vision, 130-degree field of view and 6x zoom.

The Nest Cam is available with an Internet subscription EOLO PIU‘. This solution includes the three additional services + Entertainment, + Study and Work and + Security. Available to users there are top performances thanks to the top-of-the-range router from EOLO and a digital service to choose from between 12 months of PlayStation Plus, 3 months of Amazon Prime and 6 months of Eleven Sports; 12 months of Microsoft 365.

EOLO’s comment

Marzia Farè, Head of Communications of EOLO, he declares: “For years we have been pursuing the commitment to offer the territories in which we operate concrete tools to counter the digital divide and that with Google is certainly an initiative that is part of this path. Home automation and smart home are in fact the keywords of the home digital transformation that must be accessible to everyone, small and large municipalities, towns and cities. We are therefore proud to be able to offer our customers a cutting-edge solution in this field thanks to the collaboration with one of the undisputed leaders in innovation ”.

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