Cupra UrbanRebel, Terramar and Tavascan, three new models on the way

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Barcelona / Terramar – Today 7 June, Cupra unveiled plans for the future of the new sports cars. TO Terramarin Spain, a place that saw the birth of the sports branch of Seatwhich now has a life of its own, the event showed us the upcoming cars and the company’s vision. In fact, Cupra has experienced astounding success in just four years with almost 200,000 units sold and a constantly growing turnover. Cupra plans to double its sales this year and aims to become a flagship company by 2025.

The presentation was open from Wayne GriffithsCEO of CUPRA, who said: “Tonight, we show you the full range of CUPRA’s next generation of heroes to be launched by 2025. By 2025.
2025 our goal is to deliver 500,000 cars in the medium term and pursue our strategy of international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments. The CUPRA Tribe is committed to making this happen, it’s the people who matter. Because in the end, it is the people who make the brand “

So let’s find out what Cupra has in store for us until 2025!

The future of Cupra – The Unstoppable Impulse

Since 2018, Cupra has launched very successful cars on the market. First came CUPRA Ateca, a unique model in its segment, then CUPRA Leon, the brand’s first model to offer the widest range of powerful engines, including the high-performance plug-in hybrid engine. Subsequently, the first native CUPRA Formentor model was launched, the most successful model, and finally CUPRA Born, the first 100% electric model, a perfect combination of electrification and performance. Now CUPRA looks to the future with new heroes for a new era.

Cupra Terramar

Among the cars that Cupra will reserve for us in the future we find the Cupra Terramar, the brand’s first electrified SUV. Plug-in hybrid technology has proven that electrification is part of CUPRA’s DNA and the range of vehicles benefiting from the technology has grown steadily

By 2024, the plug-in hybrid model range will include more options and a longer range. For this, Cupra Terramar will take care of it, an electrified, exciting and sporty SUV that will move the brand’s offer to a higher market segment in the SUV segment.

CUPRA Terramar will be available in versions with internal combustion engine as well as with a new generation of plug-in hybrid engines that will allow a fully electric range of almost 100 km.

The e-HYBRID range aims for contemporary performance and sportiness as part of CUPRA’s great journey to make the electrification revolution.

Cupra Tavascan

Another entry among the new Cupra rows is the Cupra Tavascan which embodies CUPRA’s vision of electrification and will remain faithful to the concept presented in 2019.
The 2021 CUPRA Tavascan Extreme E Concept definitely hints at some of the
stylistic features of the car. CUPRA Tavascan not only captures the vision
of contemporary electrification, but will lead to the globalization of the brand,
introducing CUPRA into new markets. Although the concept has evolved since 2018, we will still have to wait until 2024 to savor all the potential of the Cupra electric.

Cupra UrbanRebel

In 2025 CUPRA will launch UrbanRebelhis Urban Electric Car! UrbanRebel will be driven
emotion, designed and developed for a more rebellious electric world.
The front-wheel drive Urban Electric Car uses the Small MEB platform of the
Volkswagen Group to offer an exciting high urban vehicle
performance. About this model Werner Tietz, CUPRA Vice President for Research and Development, said: “CUPRA UrbanRebel will be the biggest project for us in the coming years, as it will be the key to transforming into a fully electric brand. We are leading the development of the cluster, the family of vehicles that will democratize sustainable urban mobility, for the various brands within the Volkswagen Group ”.

The 4.03m long vehicle is a sustainability hero, integrating advanced polymers
recycled and bio-based material to raise the bar of what is reachable, ed
offer a more environmentally conscious vehicle. Combine the 3D printing and 3D processing for manufacturing with the parametric design it allows to improve the performance and increase the perception of
value. An extremely lightweight design both outside and inside help the engine
electric 226 hp (166 kW) and the battery pack to push the Urban Electric Car to 5 100 km / h in just 6.9 seconds and reach a range of up to 440km (range version). Designed and developed in Barcelona, ​​CUPRA UrbanRebel will be launched in 2025.

The news is coming

The models we have seen only the beginning of the evolution of Cupra. With the Future: Fast Forward project, in fact, the company has created a group of 62 partners
national and international to transform Spain into a European hub for
electric mobility.

And just a few weeks ago, together with the Volkswagen Group and Future: Fast Forward partners, the company presented a project to mobilize 10 billion euros to electrify Spain. This represents the largest industrial investment in the history of Spain.
“We know exactly where we want to go: I can promise you it won’t be
not at all monotonous. Each of the models we will launch will be one step ahead
on our journey, ”he said Wayne Griffiths. “We will stay true to ourselves and
we will be authentic, this is the spirit of the CUPRA Tribe. And we will do it in style
CUPRA, as we have always done. The future is electric. The future is CUPRA ”.

During The Impulse event, CUPRA also hinted at the futures
versions of the models currently in the range (CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Formentor and
CUPRA Born), which will be renewed by 2025.

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