Customizable pronouns come to The Sims 4

Su The Sims 4 arrivano i pronomi personalizzabili thumbnail

The Sims franchise and its developer Maxis take another step in favor ofinclusivenessadding i customizable pronouns in The Sims 4. This is a feature loudly requested by fans (according to Eurogamer at least 22,857 players have requested the implementation of this feature). Maxis immediately accepted the request, but took some time to optimize this feature in the game. Well the wait is over: from today the players of the most popular life simulator in the world can choose the pronoun that best suits their character.

How to set up custom pronouns on The Sims 4

The news came directly from the developer, with an article on the official blog of The Sims 4. The post also explains how to implement the changes in the settings screen of your Sim. In fact, players just need to access the “Create a Sim” screen and select the “Hello, my name and pronouns are …” option, choosing from the options they prefer.

The feature is currently only available in English, but is expected to roll out to all markets in the near future. “Our intent is to update and expand this feature over time,” reads the game’s official blog.

In addition, a press release from the company reads: “Inclusiveness has been a core value for The Sims for over 22 years and the team believes that diversity drives innovation and community forward. It was important to The Sims development team that the pronouns function were correct and worked closely with the It Gets Better project and GLAAD to better understand the use and impact of pronouns in The Sims 4. ”

In the meantime, the simulation game par excellence is preparing to welcome the new Moonlight Chic and Little Campers kits, out tomorrow (May 26) on The Sims 4.