Cyber ​​Rebel: the Kirey Group project for neurodiversity •

Kirey Groupone of the leading Italian IT system integrators and developer of proprietary technological solutions, will be present at the conference Digital skills. Education, work, future organized by Digital Italy Foundation in collaboration with Asstel, which will be held in Rome on June 21st. In particular, Kirey Group will participate in the round table None excluded: neurodivergence and the mismatch with the world of workwhere he will present the project Cyber Rebel.

What is Cyber ​​Rebel by Kirey Group?

Cyber ​​Rebel is an initiative born from the collaboration between Kirey Group and the Rebel Brains Foundationfounded by the journalist and writer Gianluca Nicoletti. The Foundation is responsible for promoting the social and work inclusion of neurodivergent people, i.e. those with a different neurological configuration, such as for example autistic spectrum disorders. The latter, according to data fromNational Observatory for the Monitoring of Autism Spectrum Disordersconcern 1 out of 77 children (ages 7-9) in Italy, with a prevalence 4 times higher in boys than in girls.

The Cyber ​​Rebel project aims to offer young neurodivergents the opportunity to get in touch with the world of computer security and exploit their potential in this area. On April 2, on the occasion of Autism Awareness Day, Kirey Group hosted an orientation day dedicated to boys and girls with autism spectrum disorders, selected remotely by the Group’s HR team.

During the event, attendees were able to learn about Kirey Group’s activities and career options in the cyber security industry. Some of them will also have the opportunity to undertake a training course that will lead them to be part of the Kirey Group security team.

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