Oracle Launches EU Sovereign Cloud: Here’s What It’s All About

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Oracle announced the availability of EU Sovereign Clouda new cloud offering that allows public and private organizations in the European Union to have greater control over their data, in compliance with EU regulations.

EU Sovereign Cloud is one of the first cloud solutions specifically designed to respond to the new European regulatory environment. It offers to customers the same services and features as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud regionswith the ability to run any type of workload, at the same cost and with the same terms of support and service levels (SLA).

The difference is that the Sovereign Cloud is located entirely within the EU, managed by EU resident staff and separate legal entities, governed by EU law. This offering fits into OCI’s distributed cloud strategy and offers a new option to help meet regulatory requirements by complementing dedicated and hybrid cloud strategies.

What are the benefits of Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud?

The solution is ideal for digital businesses operating in highly regulated environments. Customers who have sensitive, regulated or geographically sensitive data and applications, and workloads that need to comply with EU data privacy and sovereignty requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), can now migrate to the cloud.

EU Sovereign Cloud will therefore foster digital transformation in key sectors such as healthcare, financial services (e.g. banking and insurance), telecommunications and the public sector, as the customer data that is hosted therein stays within the borders of EU member states.

The same services as Oracle’s public cloud, at the same price

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is accessible to customers in the 27 EU member states and globally and provides all 100+ cloud services in Oracle’s public cloud, with no data sovereignty-related feature surcharges and at the same levels guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) in terms of performance, management and availability. Oracle customers can also benefit from other programs dedicated to them such as Oracle Support Rewards e Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. The latter is currently available in the EU Restricted Access (EURA) offer.

“The growing importance given to data protection and localization has radically changed the technological landscape of the European Union and has increased the demand for sovereign cloud solutions that can securely store sensitive customer data and comply with regulations such as the GDPR” , he has declared Richard Smith, Executive Vice President, Technology, EMEA, Oracle. “Our goal is to meet customer needs wherever they are in their journey to the cloud; Thanks to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, customers operating in highly regulated industries and those subject to specific country regulations can now accelerate their cloud strategies”.

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