Cybersecurity and the fight against disinformation: here are the Italian projects selected by Google

Cybersicurezza e la lotta alla disinformazione: ecco i progetti italiani selezionati da Google thumbnail

Google together with the National Agency for Cybersecurity have announced the Italian projects of Impact Challenge “Tech for Social Good”, the initiative that promotes the fight against cyber attacks through Artificial Intelligence. Here are the winners of the program.


The Italian winners of the Impact Challenge

The most recent Google searches show growing interest in cybersecurity in Italy, in particular on the crimewave topic (+200% in the last year) and on email authentication (+160%). Online security and misinformation are increasingly relevant priorities for users, as is disinformation. Among the most trending questions we find, for example, “How to defend yourself from fake news”, or searches on “fact checking” and “disinformation” which have grown by over 500%. Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good was created to combat online disinformation and cyber attacks in Italy. An initiative to help create a safer digital society, which rewards projects focused on technology and artificial intelligence.

google impact challenge italian projects

Among the winners we find the Politecnico di Milano and theCampus Bio-Medico University of Rome, which focus on the development of an AI-based app. The app aims to identify SMEs’ IT vulnerabilities, provide feedback on any gaps and suggest mitigation strategies in real time. It is a tool to democratize access to cybersecurity intelligence measures and make them more available to disadvantaged businesses. The mission is to support over 300 thousand SMEs, reducing cyber attacks by 30% and improving employee awareness by 20%.

Also Libraries Without Borders ranks among the winners with the support of Dataninja and Seedble. This project aims to fill gaps in cybersecurity by developing an AI assistant to support older generations. The generative AI-based application focuses on strengthening digital skills and thus a more inclusive digital society. A project that can also allow everyone to navigate and access online services with greater security.

To find out more, visit the official website of the initiative.

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