Sony renews the Vatican’s transmission system with a fiber optic network and PTZ cameras

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Thanks to the update of its transmission system, Sony the collaborative relationship with Vatican Media continues. This is the official institution within the Vatican which for decades has been responsible for transmitting the activities of the Pope and the Vatican. With its own broadcasts, the institution aims to show the whole world the activities and sensations of the Vatican. It therefore provides high-quality video footage for the historical archive. Sony has created a bespoke package that provides the best video footage with the least possible impact on the beautiful, history-rich surroundings that are home to the Catholic Church.

Sony installs modern, low-light transmission infrastructure at the Vatican

As part of a major project that began in 2020, the entire Vatican broadcast system has been upgraded with a simplified fiber network. It connects cameras to production control rooms. With the use ofSony HDCE-100 adapter, It is possible to operate with all 4K cameras.

Through single-mode fiber interconnection, multiple locations within Vatican City can be interconnected. This creates a true broadband network to dynamically transmit content to the control room.

The fiber optic infrastructure inside the Vatican it was designed by the engineering of the Technical Directorate of the Dicastery for Communication with the aim of allowing the transport of audio video signals and controlling both baseband and IP networks for SDVN applications.

Furthermore, the system has less impact on historic buildings, since the HDCE-100 box used it is small, silent and easy to hide. Additionally, optical and relatively thin cables that can be used over long distances can be used.

Sony’s new HDC-5500 4K cameras at the Vatican

All cameras inside the Vatican are progressively upgraded to produce high quality images, essential for maintaining and transmitting the events that take place in the most important places of the Vatican. Sony’s HDC-5500s replaced previous generation cameras, offering better image quality and creative flexibility.

Devices can resume 4K, HD and HDR and feature global shutter technology that allows it to capture 4K images with exceptionally low noise, perfect for the immersive, low-light (and therefore difficult to capture) atmosphere of the Vatican. The update includes the use of a new and efficient technique, in which two camera heads are connected to a single camera cable. Operations are monitored on Sony’s PVM-X series monitors allowing for side-by-side comparisons in the production suite.

PTZ cameras inside St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time

In another update, the Sony BRC-H800 PTZ cameras they were installed inside the very famous St. Peter’s Basilica. Thanks to their small size, the cameras are perfect for installing discreetly inside the building, so as not to have an impact on the surrounding historic environment. Furthermore, PTZs can be controlled remotely thus eliminating the need for cameramen, reducing the impact of production whilst enabling creative production as filming can be done from new angles not accessible to humans.

Installation of the FX9 camera to film St. Peter’s Square

In November 2022 theupdate to Sony’s FX9 to improve image quality and provide a more cinematic feel that best captures the feeling of such a unique and spiritual place while remaining completely reliable every day, every day. This is the continuation of a long-standing relationship between Sony and Vatican Media, in which Sony provides a camera for the square, which highlights the robustness and reliability of Sony’s technology.