Sicurezza informatica nel 2023: le minacce emergenti e l'importanza della consapevolezza thumbnail

Cybersecurity in 2023: Emerging threats and the importance of awareness

Cybersecurity in 2023: Emerging threats and the importance of awareness thumbnail

The month of October that has just ended is dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. Alessio Aceti, CEO of HWG Sababahighlighted the most significant cybersecurity threats of 2023. And the importance of awareness, which shouldn’t be limited to just one month a year.

Cyber ​​security, the most important threats of 2023

The CEO of HWG Sababa, which as we reported on Tech Business are two cybersecurity companies recently merged into a single Italian excellence, explained to us what the most serious threats are in 2023. According to the Cyber ​​Defense Index 2022/2023 of MIT Technology Review, Italy is in eleventh place globally for policy commitment in the regulation in cybersecurity. But it still lags behind other countries.

The promotion of one culture of awareness and the training on cybersecurity are key elements for an effective and protective cybersecurity strategy for yourself and your organizations.


Aceti explains that one of the problems remains the shortage of talents in this sector. We need to invest not only in companies’ internal training but also in offering more university courses dedicated to cybersecurity. Furthermore, the problem of cyber crime is often underestimated, exacerbated by poor investment in research e development.

The threats

Some of the top threats of 2023 that will continue into 2024 include:

  • Desktop remoto: Attacks that exploit services such as the Remote Desktop Protocol to impersonate system administrators, exploiting the need for access to office devices for employees in mode smart working.
  • Deepfake: Creating fake photos, videos and audio to attack the integrity and reputation of victims, disseminated via email, social media and voice recordings.
  • API: Interfaces that allow interaction between software, often not adequately controlled, can be used by cyber criminals to damage systems.

In a constantly digital world evolutionawareness of threats IT is critical. Educating people on how to prevent and deal with harmful situations becomes a priority in a context characterized by increasingly sophisticated threats.

You can find more information on the HWG Sababa website.

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