Cypher 007 is the latest addition to the Apple Arcade games catalog

Cypher 007 è l'ultimo arrivato nel catalogo giochi di Apple Arcade thumbnail

Apple Arcade announces the catalog availability of Cypher 007, the first and only mobile game dedicated to the famous secret agent James Bond. It is a spy and action game that traces the most exciting and memorable adventures of James Bond, the protagonist of a long series of novels and films.

The game, available only on Apple Arcade, challenges players to infiltrate the base of Specter, the criminal organization led by the evil Blofeld, and foil its sabotage plans. To do this, you will need to use agent 007’s intelligence, skill and typical weapons, such as the Walther PPK pistol, the jetpack and the Aston Martin DB5. The game offers increasingly complex and engaging levels, with obstacles, enemies and objectives to reach. Furthermore, players will be able to compete with other secret agents from around the world thanks to online leaderboards.

Not just Cypher 007, all the updates to Apple Arcade games

For those who love sweeter and more colorful atmospheres, Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers a special update dedicated to Halloween. Players will be able to participate in the “Spooky Party” and discover hidden surprises in the Haunted Mansion, where they will meet new characters such as Baku, Berry and Cherry. The game is a graphic adventure that allows you to explore Friendship Island together with Hello Kitty and her friends, solving puzzles, collecting objects and customizing your avatar.

But the news on Apple Arcade doesn’t end there. Other games receiving interesting updates today include:

  • Angry Birds Reloadedwhich adds 30 new levels set in a galaxy of giant sweets and a final boss to defeat with popcorn.
  • Warped Kart Racerswhich introduces leaderboards for each track and exclusive Halloween rewards for Multiplayer and League modes.
  • stitch., which adds new frames in various categories and sizes, with new models available every Wednesday. It also includes a new Pixel Art category, featuring cross-stitched textures.
  • finity.which offers a new Casual game mode, with a lower difficulty level, the ability to choose your rank and play endlessly.
  • WHAT THE GOLF!which features a marine-themed special event with plenty of mischief.
  • LEGO Brawlswhich brings back the Brick-or-Treat mode for a limited time, featuring Halloween-themed levels and other spooky content.
  • World of Disney coloring+which allows you to color and customize Disney villains and their sidekicks in a new special collection of coloring pages: Mini Villains.
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