Intel will be on board the Innovation Tram and will talk about Artificial Intelligence

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The sixth edition of the will take place from 5 to 9 October 2023 Milano Digital Week, entitled: “Developing the boundaries for an inclusive, sustainable and ethical digital transition and technological innovation”. The company Intel will take part in the activities on board the Innovation Tram, the virtual space in the metaverse created by Women & Tech ETS, which for the occasion reproduced part of the historic center of Milan in VR and organized panels, talks and exhibitions to promote the knowledge of digital and involving especially the young generations.

Intel at Milan Digital Week 2023 to support technological progress

Intel is contributing to the initiative with a talk on AI on October 6, at 2pm, entitled “Artificial Intelligence, Everywhere”, which discusses how technological progress becomes innovation when it brings benefits to the community, improving the lives of all people. If, in fact, artificial intelligence accelerates digitalization, this acceleration must take place in an ethical and responsible manner. Furthermore, Intel will be present with an interactive corner in the metaverse, in the virtual Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where visitors will be able to interact with a series of information materials, active for the entire duration of the event.

Speed ​​Date of the Innovation Tram at Milan Digital Week 2023

The event will be inaugurated on the afternoon of “Speed Date” of the Innovation Tram, the October 5th from 4.00pm to 7.00pmat Palazzo Giureconsulti (Exhibition Hall).

An event aimed at young people and young people from Generation Z to Millenialswho will have the opportunity to meet representatives of institutions and top figures of the most prestigious companies, to receive advice, inspiration and visions from them.

The Intel webinar

Also, always to 2pm on October 6th, Walter Riviera, AI Specialist at Intelwill participate in the webinar “Artificial intelligence and human impacts: (co)living with AI”, curated by ZaLa Consulting, in which we will discuss the increasingly important role of artificial intelligence in our lives. Panel participants will bring their points of view on how and why it is relevant to talk about artificial intelligence and human impacts; on data biases; on the distinctions between reality and fake, and on collaboration / competition between people and machines.

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